Part Thirty-Three

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Part Thirty-Three:

"Piper!" Jason cried, bursting into the room as Piper started hyperventilating. "It's okay!"

"What happened?" Piper asked, some of the panic she had felt before disappearing as she stared into her boyfriend's eyes.

"The baby's fine. How do you feel?" Jason started to move towards Piper and panic seized her again.

"Stop!" She cried.

Jason looked startled. "Piper, are you--"

"Leave me alone!" She screamed, and Jason looked hurt. She didn't care. She didn't care about him, or her child. All Piper cared about was, well, nothing. She didn't know how or why these thoughts had entered her head, but she didn't care either way.

Piper grabbed a knife from her boot and stabbed herself in the stomach. Blood poured out of the wound and her vision blurred. What was the point in life? She welcomed the darkness like it was her friend.


Piper appeared in a room. It was plain white, like the one she had woken up in before, but unlike the one before, it was an apartment. There was a small kitchen with a wrap-around countertop and a large refrigerator. A two-seater couch sat facing a TV, with a coffee table in the middle. Out of the window, Piper could only see the sky, which made her feel sick. Where was she?

"Piper Mclean." A voice said, and a god appeared. Not just any god though, Apollo. "Welcome."

"What do you want?" Piper demanded, folding her arms, the panic from before subsiding as she realised that whatever had made her panic, must've had something to do with Jason or stress.

Apollo sighed and held up his hands. "Look, you're dying. I can tell that by just looking at you. You have a choice. I can give you the cure and you'll live, or you don't accept the cure, and you live here until you die. Simple as that." Apollo grinned.

"There's a catch, isn't there?" Piper gritted her teeth. His smile was as blinding as the sun.

"Yes, there is. While you make your decision, you will have no memories of Jason or your son. You have five minutes to make your decision." Apollo clicked his fingers and Piper felt the memories of Jason and her pregnancy slip away until she couldn't even remember why she was chanting the name 'Jason' in her head.

Well, if she lived then she would go back to camp for Percy and Annabeth's wedding. She sighed, wanting a love like theirs. Jason wasn't as sweet and caring as Percy was to Annabeth. Wait, who was Jason?

"And, times up." Apollo said. "What's your choice?"

"I want to go home." Piper said. "Whatever part of me stabbed myself felt wrong, which is why I want to cure myself."

Apollo winked at her then snapped his fingers. A glass of clear liquid appeared in Piper's hands.

"Drink it." Apollo told her, then vanished in a puff of smoke.

Piper brought the glass to her lips and drank. It tasted like, well, nothing. Frowning, Piper drained the glass and stared at it. Then it fell out of her hands. Instead of smashing on the floor it disappeared, just like the world around her.

A/N: Now, before anyone comments anything, there was some confusion on Instagram about Piper and what happened with Apollo. Let me make it perfectly clear that she ONLY lost her memory when she was making her decision.
Thank you.

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