Part Twenty-Five:

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Part Twenty-Five:

Hazel opened her eyes. She was in a meadow with overgrown grass; dandelions fluttered in a gentle wind. She breathed in the sweet smell of fresh flowers before realising that there was a person standing in front of her.

For a moment she almost mistook him for Leo, but then she knew. Sammy. Hazel launched forwards, wanting to hug him - to touch him, but he stepped backwards, eyes wide.

"Sammy?" Hazel whispered, slowing down to approach him cautiously.

"No, it can't be." Sammy muttered. "She wouldn't."

"Sammy, what are you talking about?" Hazel asked, stopping.

"You - you cheated on me!"

"What?!" Hazel cried, staring down at her stomach. She could sense her child there, but it was very faint. Whatever the cyclops had done to her, her child was suffering. "No, Sammy, you don't understand--"

"I watch everyday the way you look at him!" He cried accusingly, pointing a finger at her, his eyes wild. Hazel put her hands up and started to back away.

"What do you mean?" She asked. "You're supposed to be dead!"

"Everyday, I watch you laugh, smile and kiss him. That - that boy! He's older than you, yet you trust him more than you trusted me?"


"Don't 'Sammy' me!"

"Sammy!" Hazel screamed, her anger taking over. "I had no choice! I died, you get that?! I shouldn't be alive!! If anyone cheated it should be you! I know your great-grandson!"

"So? You never came back! Now you're having a child with - with him!"

"'He' has a name." Hazel growled. "I loved you just as much as I love Frank Zhang. I'm extremely lucky he even stayed with me, when I'm pregnant at fifteen, something I doubt even you would do."

Sammy sighed. "I'm sorry Hazel, I don't know what came over me. Boy or girl?"

"Boy." Hazel smiled. "And I think I know the name now."

Sammy's eyes widened. He blushed. "No, don't say it!"

"Samuel." Hazel decided. "Samuel Zhang."

"I - I don't know what to say." He stuttered. "Thank you."

Hazel felt a pull on her body. She looked up and a swirling black vortex had opened up above her.

"Goodbye." She told him before she was sucked up.


When Hazel woke up, it was to someone stroking her hair softly. She blinked, dazed by the light, then turned her head to see Frank sitting beside her bed. He looked worried; a frown was etched on his face and he had his eyebrows scrunched up in a adorable way.

"Hazel!" He exclaimed, leaning in to hug her.

There was a sound like a vase had been pushed over and a lot of scuffling feet, making Hazel and Frank jump. Nico appeared, racing over to his sister.

"Hazel! You're okay!" He cried, and Hazel found herself engulfed by her two favourite boys.

"Jeez, there's no need to crush me." She laughed, then clapped a hand to her forehead. "Ow!"

"What's wrong?" Frank asked.

A sudden, dizzying headache came over Hazel. Nico passed her a chunk of ambrosia and she ate it gratefully. As quick as it had come, the pain subsided.

"What happened?" Hazel asked.

"The cyclops knocked you out." Frank informed her. "Don't worry, we're back at camp now, but you had a cracked skull. The baby's alright too."

"Oh, thank goodness." Hazel sighed in relief.

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