Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3 by LoveLifeBooks4eva
Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3by LoveLifeBooks4eva
They didn't know this would happen. Nobody did. But it did. Now they will pay. *LEMON= SEXUAL CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* *15/6/17 finished editing. It is not the sa...
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ToD at Aphrodite's request!! (Smut) by AAThanatos
ToD at Aphrodite's request!! (Smut)by AAThanatos
This is a very unrealistic set of games of Truth or Dare requested by the goddess of love herself. Its dramatic and graphic and games like these would never happen in re...
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lunar witch · jason grace by -hoemonious
lunar witch · jason graceby - ̗̀ yusra ̖́-
she's mad, but she's magic and there's no lie in the greek fire in her heart. jason grace x oc [ THE LOST HERO | STARTED 7/5/18 - ENDED TBA ] [ #1 IN JASON GRACE - 31/0...
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A Loophole (Percabeth Selection) by Muggles_Mortals
A Loophole (Percabeth Selection)by Squirrel
The Selection. A once in a lifetime chance to come to the palace, meet and fall in love with the handsome Prince Perseus Jackson. Or in Annabeth's eyes, the chance to po...
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Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by Kateslyn11
Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfic...by Kateslyn11
What will happen when Percy Jackson is put in a coma? Will he pull through? Or has his luck finally run out? What will happen to Annabeth if he doesn't make it? What wi...
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Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies {Completed} by Geek-Goddess225
Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies {Compl...by Cat
I run out of space on this book so I am making a Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2. I hope that you give that one a read too. Enjoy! Funny, great, but not mine. Percy Jackso...
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Worthy of the Sea by Kayemann18
Worthy of the Seaby KayeM0412
With the Giant's War over and Gaia asleep once again, all is well. The Seven alive and ready for anything. But now a certain arrangement must be made for peace between t...
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The New Kid by The___Asian
The New Kidby The___Asian
Being called The New Kid is just another nickname for Percy. He may not like it, but almost every other month, he has either gotten kicked out of school or his step-fath...
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Forgotten  by Marvel500
Forgotten by Marvel500
Percy Jackson 2 time savior of Olympus. Before he was banished and betrayed he was called a hero. Now you would hear nothing if him because he was forgotten.
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Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2 by Geek-Goddess225
Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2by Cat
Funny, great, but not mine. Funny and great headcannons and jokes But none of them are mine. All credit goes to who wrote them. Make sure to checkout my First Percy Jack...
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CHB's Festival of Music by YoungandChildish
CHB's Festival of Musicby JackFrost
Apollo sees how much the camper doubt know each other and sets up a festival, a singing festival where Will Solace, Nico Di Angelo, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Leo Va...
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Prisoner ⊳ Jason Grace ¹ by sharmoan
Prisoner ⊳ Jason Grace ¹by 𝓐
PRISONER. ❝He can make me golden.❞ (book one in the g. juarez series) (jason grace x oc) (the lost hero) (cover by me)
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The Storm Thief by Dollar1809
The Storm Thiefby Muskan (Dollar)
Annabeth is the greatest thief the world's never seen; she is only recognized by her storm calling card. Percy is FBI, and has been able to catch every criminal he's com...
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Percabeth One Shots And Drabbles by xXLordOfBooksXx
Percabeth One Shots And Drabblesby Ratan
Just your average one shot book, nothing more, nothing less. || Highest Ranking- #483 in FanFiction, #2 in percabeth.|| Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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Heroes Of Olympus Guys X Reader (One-shots) (Completed) by whyso_sirius
Heroes Of Olympus Guys X Reader (O...by #P!ATD
Because my unhealthy teenage obsession with Nico Di Angelo and the rest of HOO is really getting out of hand....... ~~~ These are just one shots between you (the...
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The Coming of Nico di Angelo by ninjagirlmai
The Coming of Nico di Angeloby Lissy Rose
Updates every Monday. 32 of 43 chapters published. Three demigods shall travel to the followers of Hecate, The monster inside lets the dark one blood see, On the brink o...
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At Mercy to the Sea ♡ A Percabeth AU ♡ by Geek-Goddess225
At Mercy to the Sea ♡ A Percabeth...by Cat
*Percy Jackson Wattys First place winner 2018* He led me to a alleyway and put his lips against my ears " I am Prince Perseus Jackson of Atlanta, my friends call me...
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Omega, an Ultimate Spiderman and Heroes of Olympus crossover by GeekGalaxyGirl
Omega, an Ultimate Spiderman and H...by GeekGalaxyGirl
After the war the seven and some friends settle down in New York and go to Midtown High. Tired of saving the world from immortals, they decide to protect New York from...
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A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Avengers by Juliet_Nebula
A Good Kid- Percy Jackson/ The Ave...by Juliet Nebula
Yes, another Avengers and Percy Jackson crossover with good ol uncle Tony. Cliche I know. Peter Parker was finally given something to do, a mission sorta. He had to go t...
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percabeth at goode ; pjo/hoo by violetharmcn
percabeth at goode ; pjo/hooby agnes
❝Myself and Mr D have decided to send you to High School. Specifically Goode High School. Percy's High School.❞ ❝We're going to Goode?❞ ❝Yes.❞ ©violetharmcn THIS WAS WR...
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