Part Eight

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Part Eight:

Annabeth tried not to be nervous as Piper, Hazel and Calypso helped her get ready in the Aphrodite cabin. Piper had managed to send her siblings away to go train or reapply makeup for the afternoon, then locked the cabin door. She didn't plan on opening it for a while.

"Smile, Annabeth." Hazel said. Annabeth tried to smile, but it looked more like a grimace. She tried again. Much better. She thought to herself.

For the next ten minutes she watched Hazel and Piper do her hair in the mirror. They decided to just leave it in simple ringlets around her head, but now Hazel wanted to curl her hair even more. Piper protested, but Annabeth cut them off.

"Just leave it as it is! It's fine!"

They moved on to a dress. Calypso had picked out a gorgeous creamy white sundress and a pair of jandals with golden straps to go with it. They pushed Annabeth towards the bathroom and she hurriedly got changed. When she came out, Hazel squealed.

"You look so beautiful!" She sighed.

"Good luck." Piper said, giving her friend a hug.

"Just be yourself." Calypso advised, and Annabeth headed out of the cabin.
She started down towards the fireworks beach just as the conch horn for dinner sounded. When she arrived at the beach, Percy was waiting for her. He had a picnic blanket set out on the sand and cushions for them to sit on.

Candles glinted and flickered in the slight breeze and from where they were sitting, they had a beautiful view of the sunset over the water.

Annabeth went up to Percy and kissed him. "Do you like it?" He asked.

"It's amazing." She admitted, seating herself on one of the cushions. Percy opened up a picnic basket and pulled out sandwiches and cookies. They ate in silence, just enjoying each other's company.

Then Annabeth plucked up the courage. She was nervous, but pushed it down so that it wouldn't bother her. "Look, Percy." She began. "There's something I need to tell you--"

"Hold on, Annabeth." Percy said, standing up, then helping her to her feet as well. Then he got down on one knee, pulling out a small black box.
Inside the box was a glittering, diamond ring. Annabeth gasped.

"Annabeth," he began, and her heart felt like it was on fire. "I've known you since we were twelve, and I know that we're still very young, but demigods don't live as long as long as mortals, so I'm going to ask you this: Will you marry me?"

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