Part Sixteen

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Part Sixteen

Calypso closed her eyes and breathed in the beautiful scent of the flowers. It went well with the soft breeze that was blowing.

"Do you like it?" Katie Gardner, a daughter of Demeter asked.

"It's not like home, but it's still amazing." Calypso said gratefully, opening her eyes. "Thank you."

Katie and a few other children of Demeter had helped Calypso create a small replica garden of the one back at Ogygia on the edge of the strawberry fields. It had a tall fountain in the centre with surrounding plants and bushes that Calypso could tend to. Though, she was prepared to let the Demeter kids help her. They seemed like enthusiastic gardeners.

Suddenly, Piper came running up to her. She took a moment to catch her breath before grabbing Calypso's hand and pulling her away from the garden.
"Piper, what's going on?" Calypso asked.

"Percy and Annabeth." Piper puffed. "They're at a mortal hospital. Annabeth just Iris-Messaged, she's okay but Percy isn't."

Calypso's hand flew to her mouth. They sped up, running back towards Half-Blood Hill where Hazel, Frank, Leo and Jason were waiting. "What happened to them?" She asked.

"Car crash." Leo explained. He looked scared. It was obvious that he looked up to Percy and Annabeth, and to see them in a car crash - he couldn't bear it. "The driver ditched the car as soon as it went off the road, leaving them stranded. Annabeth escaped with only minor injuries - the baby's okay, by the way, - but Percy wasn't so lucky. He broke a lot if bones trying to protect Annabeth."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Hazel exclaimed. "We need to go see them!"
"Agreed." Jason replied.


Annabeth's blood had gone cold. Her head was pounding and she felt like she was going to faint. The doctors had informed her that she only had a few cuts and bruises and that she was going to be okay - the baby was going to be okay. But Percy was another story.

A peppy nurse with blonde hair and blue eyes had told her not to worry about him, but she had every right to. He was her fiancé! And the father of her child! How dare they not tell her what was wrong with him!

Annabeth sighed, looking across the hospital ward towards a window that had the blinds drawn across. If she moved to an certain angle, she could just see a bunch of figures crowded around a bed. It was Percy, she knew it. They were performing surgery on him, but somehow she felt like something would go wrong. She couldn't explain it, she just knew.

Suddenly, the ward doors opened. Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, Calypso and Leo appeared. As soon as they spotted Annabeth, they made their way over to her.

"Hey guys." She said, trying to smile. But it turned into a grimace. Piper, Hazel and Calypso hugged her.

"Where's Percy?" Jason asked.

Shakily, Annabeth pointed towards the window with the blinds drawn. "I don't know how he is." She sighed, trying hold back tears.

"It's alright, Annabeth." Piper soothed her. "Just stay strong. You've been through worse than this. With a bit of ambrosia and nectar, I'm sure he'll come right."

"Annabeth Chase?" The peppy nurse called, walking over to them. "And friends." She added, seeing the small crowd around her bed. "I have news about Perseus Jackson."

"Yeah?" Annabeth asked, dreading the answer.

"He pulled through the surgery." The nurse smiled. "But he's in a coma. We're not sure when he'll wake up, but it doesn't look promising."

Annabeth felt her heart sink. She should've been happy, he had pulled through. But instead she felt sad, like Percy had gone away and she would never see him again.

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