Part Fourteen

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Part Fourteen:

Piper and Jason lay sprawled out on Jason's bed in the Zeus cabin. Jason was staring up at the ceiling, his hand on Piper's stomach.

"Should we Iris Message Thalia now?" Piper asked hesitantly, after ten minutes of just lying there.

"Sure." Jason replied, sitting up and pulling his hand away. He grabbed a spray bottle from his beside table and a drachma, then went over to the window that had sunlight streaming from it. He sprayed the water and a misty rainbow appeared. Tossing the drachma through it, he muttered, "O Iris, show me Thalia Grace."

Piper stood up and walked over to stand beside him, just as Thalia appeared in the mist. She was sharpening her silver hunting knife, but when she spotted Jason and Piper, she smiled. "Hey little bro." She said. "What's up?"

"Hi Thals." Jason replied. "We," he looked at Piper who smiled, "have some news.

Thalia gasped. She held up a hand and closed her eyes. "Hold on, let me guess." Pausing, she scrunched up her eyes like she was thinking really hard. "You're getting married?"

"Nope." Jason said.

"Chiron is letting you move into New Rome?"


"You're breaking up?"


"Wait," Thalia opened her eyes. "You're having a baby."

Piper's smile stretched so far that she thought it would pop off her face. "You got it in one - well, after a few tries at least."

"Yes!" Thalia fist-pumped the air. "I'm going to be an aunty!"

"Thalia?" A voice asked in the background. "Are you okay?"

"Got to go." Thalia said quickly. "Congratulations!" She smiled as she swiped her hand through the mist.

"One down, two to go." Piper told Jason, squeezing his hand.

That night, as she lay in bed staring at the ceiling of the Aphrodite cabin, Piper had the sudden urge to go for a walk. She got up and put a jacket on since she always slept fully clothed and headed outside.

It wasn't freezing, but it was still cold enough to make her shiver. Piper headed down to the lake and crouched down beside the water, staring into the blue depths. Suddenly, an image appeared. A young boy, probably only four or five, with shaggy blonde hair and multi-coloured eyes was running around what looked like New Rome.

Piper jumped. She wasn't expecting it, but in the image she saw him chasing a seagull and it sort of calmed her. Then it changed. She couldn't hear them, but she heard thousands of people screaming. Flames roared on the rooftops of houses and a giant figure was looming over the boy.

"No." Piper whispered, as the boy was swept into the monster's arms. "No!" She wanted to sob. She wanted to cry out, but then a voice spoke in her mind.
"The child must not know of the gods. You will move, once the baby is born, to a city far away from here. Away from your friends and family. The gods will protect you until the time is right, then your child will become a hero destined for greatness."

It was Aphrodite, Piper thought to herself. This is the cherry on the cake. My child will become a hero like me, and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

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