Part Twenty-Four:

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Part Twenty-Four:

Everything that happened next was like a blur of colours blended into each other. Frank remembered changing into a bear again. He remembered exploding golden dust as the cyclops disintegrated, scooping up Hazel's body, but more importantly, he remembered galloping back to camp as a horse, Hazel laid across his back.

As soon as camp borders had been left far behind him, he had cantered down the hill. Will Solace and Nico di Angelo rushed forwards, coming from the infirmary. "Hazel!" Nico cried, worried about his sister.

"Is she okay?" Will asked, equally as worried, but more for Nico's sake. They pulled her body off Frank's back as he changed back into a human.

"What have you done to my sister?!" Nico roared. A few skeletons shot out from the ground, their bones squeaking like a creaky door. They started towards Frank and he put his hands up.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't blame me!" He cried, eyes wide.

"Frank, what happened?" Will asked. Nico glared at Frank, then sent the skeletons back into the ground. His glare didn't falter.

They headed towards the infirmary and laid Hazel on a bed. "We - we were eating dinner and the waitress turned into an empousa." Frank began, taking a deep breath and grabbing Hazel's hand. Nico took her other one as Will poured some nectar into her mouth. "I killed the empousa but when I turned around, a cyclops was swinging a club at her head." Silent tears dripped down his face.

"Well, it seems like I'll have to run a few tests." Will decided. He, with the help of Frank and Nico, wheeled Hazel's bed over to a small curtained-off area. Will went to go get something and returned later with the mat-like x-ray machine he had used to look at her baby.

The mat was laid firstly overtop of Hazel's head. Will put his hand to it and closed his eyes. He frowned, scrunching up his face and then drew back his hand. "Definitely a cracked skull." He informed them. "Don't worry though, I can fix it up quickly using a potion from the Hecate cabin combined with some nectar."

Frank released a sigh of relief he didn't know he had been holding.

Will moved the mat down to Hazel's stomach. Again, he put his hand to it, but this time his expression was more troubled. "The baby is fine for the moment, but we need to give it some ambrosia or nectar, otherwise it won't survive."

"What do you mean 'it won't survive'?" Nico asked.

"I mean that it's heart will stop beating, it'll die. Can you already feel it slipping away?"

Nico frowned, concentrating on Hazel's small baby bump. He nodded his head. "Before it was quite weak, but that's because it wasn't fully formed. Now I almost can't feel it."

"We need to do something, now." Will stated, grabbing some more nectar. He pulled Hazel's shirt up so that her stomach was exposed, then poured some of contents of the bottle on it. The skin sucked up all of the liquid, steaming. Next, Will grabbed a bottle of purplish liquid. He mixed some nectar into it and poured half of the contents down Hazel's throat.

"That's all I can do for now." He sighed. "If I give her any more, she'll burn up."

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