Part Twenty-Nine

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Part Twenty-Nine:

Over the next few weeks, preparations for Percy and Annabeth's wedding unfolded into one massive event, with each cabin pitching in. The Demeter cabin were on the cake and flowers; the Apollo cabin were doing the music; the Aphrodite, Hecate and Iris cabins were helping with the reception decorating; the Hunters of Artemis had called to say that they were visiting for the wedding, (mainly because of Thalia) and everyone else was just generally helping around.

Calypso, Hazel, Piper and Annabeth even hosted a small (or so they thought) baby shower where each cabin gave them gifts. It made Annabeth's heart break seeing the campers so excited and happy, no clue on what was to come.

But nothing exciting happened for exactly two months. Everyone went about their business and played capture the flag whenever they could (minus Calypso, Annabeth, Hazel and Piper, who the boys insisted had to sit out.)

Then two months later, while she was sitting in the the Hades cabin chatting to Nico, Hazel felt a kick. She looked down at her stomach. It had grown a lot in the past couple of months and Will Solace had announced that she was due sometime this week. For Hazel, that was good news. She was tired of sitting around all day not doing anything; she was practically useless, like the other three girls.

But the kick that she got wasn't like all of the others Hazel had felt before, it was more sharp and painful. "Nico." Hazel gasped, bolting upright as the baby kicked her really hard.

"What is it, Hazel?" Nico asked urgently, coming over to where she was sitting.

"Ouch." Hazel moaned, then sighed in relief once the pain had subsided. "Never mind, just little Sammy kicking." She rested her hands on her stomach, smiling.

"Okay." Nico said, hesitantly going back to his bunk. As he turned around to grab a glass of water, Hazel felt something wet sliding down her legs.

"Nico..." she whispered.


"My - my water just broke."

"Oh gods," Nico cursed, rushing over to help Hazel to her feet. "We need to get you to the infirmary."

"Don't rush." Hazel muttered, cursing under her breath as she attempted to walk. "Will said that birth can take a while to happen, if we do it the natural way, which I want to do."

She took a deep breath, relaxing her body. Don't panic. She thought, as her and Nico hurried out of the cabin towards the infirmary. Halfway there, Hazel felt another kick.

"Ah!" She cried, almost falling over. Nico caught her. He saw Jason in the distance, heading towards the Zeus cabin.

"Jason!" Nico yelled. Jason's head snapped towards him. His glasses glinted in the sunlight as he took in the situation. "Go get Frank and the others!"

Jason nodded and hurried off.

Two minutes later, Hazel and Nico made it to the infirmary. "Will!" Nico cried. "It's time!"

"Allie!" Will Solace yelled at another Apollo camper. "Get the back room ready!"

Frank rushed into the infirmary at that moment. He spotted Hazel and raced over to her, helping her get into a wheelchair. "Hey Haze." He smiled, squeezing her hand. "How are you feeling?"

"Well, I know that this may sound weird, since every so often I get really bad contractions, but I'm excited." Hazel told him, then winced in pain.

"Are you alright?" Frank asked, as he wheeled her into the back room, followed by Nico and Will.

"Kind of mad at you right now." Hazel said. "But I still love you!"

"Love you too." Frank replied, kissing her forehead.

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