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Stone Walls by Iowabound
Stone Wallsby Iowabound
When Luke died he kept repeating one name. Eva. Eva. Eva. Everyone else seems to have accepted that she was a girlfriend, but Annabeth's not sure. Then she gets called f...
An Unfortunate Crossing (Avengers/Percy Jackson Crossover) by Belle_books_
An Unfortunate Crossing ( Belle
Percy Jackson is trying to be normal. He has tests to take, he has a girlfriend and friendships to keep up. He has a life, but of course the fates have other plans for h...
Another Evil Grandfather (Completed) by volcanaddie
Another Evil Grandfather ( volcanaddie
Percy Jackson's finally at peace. The gods have made him, the seven, and some of his other friends gods. He thinks nothing can go wrong - right. As if that ever happens...
The day I met my aunt by Crystaltudance
The day I met my auntby Crystal Tu
What happens when Black Widow finds out she has an aunt? How will Percy react to his new cousin?
A Deal with a Player by Sonu2314
A Deal with a Playerby Ganesh Chilukuri
Annabeth Chase has had enough of Percy Jackson. He is known as the player of Goode High School. Most of the girls that date him end up in tears because of him. However...
Percabeth Betrayed by Ahey_23
Percabeth Betrayedby Ahey
Annabeth goes with Percy this time! Chaos story but there's a twist! What if the two time hero of Olympus was betrayed? When he leaves, will Olympus fall in the next gr...
Percy Jackson and the Triwizard Tournament (Goblet of Fire) by ThatOddKiddo
Percy Jackson and the Triwizard A Nerdy Person
"So... Thalia... why are you even on this quest again?" "I'm here to kill a dragon." "Oh... that's... nice." Come join the adventure Percy...
Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Avenger by Yournormalpjofangirl
Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Yournormalpjofangirl
Percy Jackson. The greatest demigod to ever walk on earth. S.H.I.E.L.D has always had him on their watch, but when Loki suddenly springs up, it is time for a potential t...
Petrichor → PJO/HP by auribell1
Petrichor → PJO/HPby auribell1
Petrichor → ethereal blood of the gods. Cordelia Miller is the product of a broken oath. {Chamber of Secrets - Deathy Hallows} {The Lightning Thief - TBD} best rankings:...
Beyond All Expectation (Percabeth) by EPLawson
Beyond All Expectation (Percabeth)by AlethiaMoon
A Percabeth romance story. Percy is the swim team captain, class clown, most popular guy around and school hottie. Annabeth is the class nerd; hiding under her Yankees c...
Perseus Wayne by airvoni
Perseus Wayneby ✐ʟɪʟɪᴀɴ✎
what if percy wasn't able to save his mom? what if he finds out his mom has a older brother and starts to live with his uncle? read to find out more ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ lo...
The lost hero returns by dutch_daydreamer
The lost hero returnsby LB
Percy Jackson is done! After everything he had done for them. They treated him like trash. Annabeth broke up with him for no reason. The others ignored him. Acted li...
Unexpected Secrets | Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover by RavenWriter01
Unexpected Secrets | Percy RavenWriter01
[Completed] Peter Parker and Percy Jackson meet at Midtown High School. Their worlds soon collide in an unexpected way. When an important person is taken hostage, what s...
Percy Jackson One Shots and Short Stories  by unsureavenger
Percy Jackson One Shots and unsure avenger
Short stories, in no particular order, of the beloved characters from the universe of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus. Includes various mortals, demigods, monst...
||✧*.CHAOS *.✧||  Percy Jackson X oc by bookishnerd1002
||✧*.CHAOS *.✧|| Percy Jackson Nyx
|| WHEN ROMANS AND GREEKS CLASH THERE SURE WILL BE CHAOS || Calliope Clifford had spent her whole life on camp Jupiter, that was until the goddess juno ordered her a que...
the false knight ✧ percabeth au by petersdonuts
the false knight ✧ percabeth auby Ikki
❝ always have, always will. ❞ ➞ a peasant girl who just wants to follow her dreams. or... ➞ a knight who wishes to change the world.
[1] 𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍, jason grace by -newtscvmander
[1] 𝐀𝐌𝐁𝐈𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍, jason graceby 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐚
you can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending © -newtscvmander
Love, War, and Best Friends (COMPLETED) by KingPerseus160
Love, War, and Best Friends ( Kįñg Perseus
Percy is betrayed by who he thought was the love of his life. He leaves camp to complete a quest from Chiron. In return he goes to Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter from...
Demigods Assemble (PJO/MCU) by music_and_literature
Demigods Assemble (PJO/MCU)by Tara
~Completed~ Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have survived countless monsters, gods, Titans, and finally their most difficult opponent of all--high school, though not wi...
When Myths meet Magic || 3 by Yournormalpjofangirl
When Myths meet Magic || 3by Yournormalpjofangirl
Book 3 of When Myths meet Magic. It's Harry's third year when the wanted wizard Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban. How will the third year of magic change when the chil...