12; Silent Girl Pt. 1

"She's not waking up," Scott whispered. He wasn't sure why he was whispering. He wouldn't be disturbing anyone if he talked a little louder. The doctors said they couldn't be sure if she could hear anything. They described it as her being in a deep sleep, but Scott knew better. El was in a coma, one he desperately wished she'd wake from.

Derek glanced down to Scott's hand gently holding El's. "It isn't your fault."

Scott looked at him over his shoulder, "then why does it feel like it is?"

"Your an alpha. Your basic nature is to protect, but sometimes," Derek sighed. "You can't save everyone."

72 hours earlier;

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72 hours earlier;

It was one of those rare nights that El woke up in the middle of the night. Her heart was racing, feeling as though it were about to burst any second, and a thin layer of sweat gathered on her forehead. Fragments of images played in her mind and she struggled to put the pieces together of her nightmare.

She couldn't remember it all, but it was safe to say it hadn't been pleasant. One thing did remain from her horror dream. The pair of glowing eyes Joey had spoken of earlier today. A bright, burning gold color that shifted into a luminous shade of icy blue and then finally a dark crimson red. They seemed to be watching her sleep in her dream, and when she woke up they were gone.

Somehow it didn't feel like it had just been a nightmare. The hair at the back of her neck stood up and chills ran down her spine like a current. In the darkest corner of her room, she could faintly see them observing her. El rubbed at her eyes until she was seeing hazy colors in her vision, and the eyes were gone.

A trembling hand passed through her tangled hair trying to shake off the remnants of her dream. Her tongue licked her dry lips and it felt like sandpaper in her throat as she gulped. Drowsy eyes looked over at the digital clock beside her bed, 1:37 am. A sigh escaped her mouth as she threw the covers off her legs.

One of her missing socks was on the other side of the room while the other was still on her right foot. She shook her head while grabbing it and pulling it back on to avoid stepping on the cold floors. Her bedroom door slightly creaked open causing her to stop all movement. Moments later she tried again to open it wide enough just so she could slip out. El knew that if she made too much noise it would potentially wake up her mother and that wasn't something she wanted to have to deal with at this time of night.

It was at the time that she needed to be most quiet that the house suddenly became a creaky mess. The stairs screeched each step she took and didn't seem to ease no matter how lightly she stepped down onto them. Once reaching the kitchen she found that the light was on and she wasn't the only one awake.

She expected it was her father and prayed it wasn't her mother. Her eyes widened as they settled on her brother. "Oh, it's you." she breathed out in relief.

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