24; Dread Pt. 1

"So that's why Scott's eyes glow red." El beamed in understanding.

Isaac laughed at the awestruck look on her face. After spending most of the day explaining to her the anatomy of every supernatural creature he knew of she only seemed to want to know more. She hung onto every word he said not wanting to miss a thing.

Others might have been horrified or shocked by all this and she was, but she was much more intrigued by it all. Truthfully, she was just relieved she wasn't sick in the head like she'd been told by every "professional" who came her way. She was eager to know about the supernatural if it meant better understanding her place in it all.

"Since you're a beta yours are just yellow right?" She asked expectantly as she leaned forward and rested her chin on her fist.

The wolf frowned, "well I wouldn't say 'just yellow'. They're a gold-ish color. Very-very pretty..." he trailed off.

She ignored the obvious offense he'd taken to her 'just yellow' comment, "And blue means you've killed someone."

"An innocent someone but yes."

El leaned against her headboard. Derek had blue eyes and so did Peter. Peter was completely understandable based on what she'd heard about him. But Derek? He seemed more like a protector of some sorts.

"Don't judge too quickly. Sometimes death can be innocent." Isaac placated upon seeing her poker face.

She nodded. She wasn't sure she understood what he meant by that. Murder was murder. It was that simple.

El couldn't wrap her head around Derek killing someone. Yes, he was a broody and extremely grumpy werewolf, but she believed that was all just a facade. He'd given her no reason not to trust him. He had made every effort to help her and nearly died in he process of saving her life when the bomb fiasco occurred.

"Okay so what about the bite. Is it like rabies where you get bit and you're immediately infected?"

He raised an eyebrow. "That's kind of a weird comparison but I guess you're right. Either one there's the 50/50 chance you die."

Her face twisted into confusion, "What do you mean?"

"When you receive the bite there is a chance your body might reject it which ultimately results in your death. The latter is that you survive and become a full fledged werewolf."

"So it could have killed you..."

He nodded his head once and she almost felt the urge to lean over and slap him upside the head. Why would he take that chance?

"Scott wasn't given the choice in the matter but it was a risk I was willing to take. I didn't have the best life. I mean, it's not much different now. There's always someone out to kill my friends and I, but at least I have friends at all."

She looked at him. He looked fine, but she could see the exhaustion and hurt in his eyes. He'd awoken from his coma a few days ago and had gone on a minor rampage along with the twins and Derek all thanks to the scheming nogitsune. Naturally the pack saved they day and they were all okay. Mentally, on the other hand, he was still on the mend.

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