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Joan » S.Stilinski  [1] by -superheroes-
Joan » S.Stilinski [1]by logan the carebear
❝ don't you think it's a weird coincidence that your name is joan arcs? it kind of sounds like joan of arc. ❞ ❝ that wasn't a coincidence. ❞ » in which joan arcs helps...
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Sirens (Theo Raeken) [1] by georginayay
Sirens (Theo Raeken) [1]by the bitch is back
❝The devil doesn't come in a red cape and horns. He comes as everything you have ever wanted.❞ Thrust into the world of the supernatural, Arden Caraway struggles to draw...
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Teen Wolf Preferences by Ashtonyoullama
Teen Wolf Preferencesby Kaya lololol
Male preferences for Teen Wolf!!!!!!! *I do smut okay just ask first* Guys: Scott; Stiles; Isaac; Liam; Theo; Derek (ask if you want someone added)
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He's Just my Neighbor [Stydia] by wolfies_slay_
He's Just my Neighbor [Stydia]by wolfies_slay_
He lifted his head and suddenly his eyes didn't have the same caramel hue, just plain brown and I didn't want to map his paint splatter moles like the infinite galaxies...
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Mini McCall ⌲Liam Dunbar {ON HOLD} by teenwolf_trash
Mini McCall ⌲Liam Dunbar {ON HOLD}by teenwolf_trash
Ella McCall is the younger sibling to the one and only Scott McCall. Ella is adventurous, athletic, super smart, and cares deeply for her friends. Join Ella though her a...
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Secrets and Lies || A Teen Wolf Fanfic (L.D and S.S) DISCONTINUED by hollandftweasley
Secrets and Lies || A Teen Wolf hollandftweasley
People tell lies and people keep secrets. Some lies are just little white lies while others can dig you a giant hole. Some secrets are better of being kept while others...
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Imagines ↬ Teen Wolf by hqstilinski
Imagines ↬ Teen Wolfby im a vixen bitches
just a bunch of lame teen wolf imagines and preferences written by me.
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Loving A Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar) by DerBearRomance
Loving A Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)by nessa
Raya Stilinski was a normal sarcastic human being. Just like her brother Stiles Stilinski. That was until one of her best friends Scott McCall was bitten and transformed...
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Anchors (Liam Dunbar Fanfic) Season 4 by Nashthooo
Anchors (Liam Dunbar Fanfic) Queen Shit Ønly
I will Always Love You, Liam Dunbar...
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Teen Wolf at Hogwarts by t00manyfeels
Teen Wolf at Hogwartsby t00manyfeels
What happens when Teen Wolf characters go to Hogwarts? Well lots of stuff... as you can see I suck at summaries (and titles)! Enjoy :)
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deathbeds ➸ theo raeken [2] [ON HOLD] by archiesprison
deathbeds ➸ theo raeken [2] [ON aimee
"will the hunger ever stop" "will we simply starve this sin" November and Theo, practically hate at first sight. From the moment they saw each other...
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Devenford Transfer by wantingjacewayland
Devenford Transferby En.
Ryker Dunbar is the sister of Liam Dunbar, newly turned beta of the McCall pack. she was bitten to save her life by True Alpha, Scott McCall. after being bitten, she tra...
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ξ Gasoline ξ Liam Dunbar ξ by BeautifulVoid
ξ Gasoline ξ Liam Dunbar ξby ╰ Sara ╮
ξ "You can't wake up, This is not a dream, You're part of a machine, You are not a human being." ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ ξ In which she...
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Layden, Fairytale by liaydens
Layden, Fairytaleby Nicole
I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts. 'Cause I don't care if I loose my mind, I'm already cursed. ~~~ Okay this is my Liayden fanfic here. It is the way I...
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Temporary ~Liam Dundar~ {Coming Soon} by MadelynDavison
Temporary ~Liam Dundar~ {Coming Madelyn Davison
Sharna Hale has grown up with loss. Her family, Alison, Erica, Boyd and Aiden are some of the people in her life that she cared about, and had died because of the supern...
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You're My Brother by Allyrr5
You're My Brotherby Allyrr5
Alexa Van Helsing is the new girl at beacon hills high school and she as a big secret that no one knows but will Scott drive it out of her. (Alexa is Stilies' cousin and...
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little stilinski (l.d) by leeamh
little stilinski (l.d)by (:
bailey stilinski, younger sister of stiles stilinski, she was known for being the wittier of the two, together they are known as the sarcastic siblings of beacon hills h...
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•Teen Wolf One Shots• by _multi_fandoms_
•Teen Wolf One Shots•by M
The title explains it all, multiple one shots about the Teen Wolf characters. It will be about all the characters (even the dead ones) there will also be ships like ster...
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Keeping Up With the Hale Pack | Pack Mom Stiles | by BrendenOBrien4
Keeping Up With the Hale Pack | Moon Child
Inspiration from the amazing story 'The New and Improved Hale Pack' Season 1: After an attack on the Stilinski Family, Stiles is the only one left. Until Derek revealed...
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Let Us Be Brave → Liam Dunbar by strangcr
Let Us Be Brave → Liam Dunbarby Julie
After recovery from her near-death experience, Madison continues to live life as a huntress. With her father gone, she lives with Scott McCall, trying to actually live...
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