08; Fireflies Pt.2

Her feet hurt.

They hurt so bad but she danced until she couldn't feel them anymore. Her cheeks hurt from smiling so much it seemed impossible to smile more but she did. The best thing was, she didn't even know how to dance. Nobody seemed to care. They were all in their own worlds.

Hers was guided by the music coming through the speakers. Each note, beat, rhythm, and lyric was pieced together perfectly. It was so loud that it made her skin tingle and lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with her heart beat as though they were one.

Oh what her mother would say if she could see her now. Sweaty and disheveled dancing amongst people highly intoxicated and half naked. It made her laugh out loud. Where the sudden rebellion came from she didn't know, but it made her feel good inside. Everyone's a little bad once in a while. It was nice to let it out and not have to pay a consequence. In Eichen House that's all she ever did. Pay for her mistakes and learn to be on her upmost behavior or else.

It felt better than good to let loose and be free; it felt amazing.

El couldn't tell how much time had passed. Maybe an hour or two. Her phone had mere ounces of battery left until it died and she didn't want to risk losing her one way of getting home. She was counting on herself to get back alive. She hadn't seen Isaac or Allison or any of the others since earlier. Not that she minded actually. El was having more fun than she thought she was capable of having.

Maybe it was the adrenaline or quite possibly the alcohol a random stranger handed her. It could be the mixture of both running through he veins and it felt utterly exhilarating.

She had never felt more alive.

Over the roar of music, a distant, hazy chatter could be heard. El couldn't make out any words, but laughter rang in her ears and wouldn't seem to stop. The song that was playing got softer, and the voices got louder pulling her away from the dance floor.

Her feet moved her to the source of the laughter until it became clear in her ears. Less people were near as she wondered through the building. Sudden movements she caught out of the corner of eyes, but when she looked there was nothing. No one or nothing. Each time she was sure she'd seen little yellow, green lights floating in the air.

She'd never admit that out loud though. It sounded crazy and the last thing she needed right now was to be crazy.

El stopped in front of a door that lead to a closet or another room and swore the laughter came from in there. It seemed impossible that she could have heard the laughter coming through the door all the way to where she'd been dancing and above the music to top it off. But as she stood in front of the door she heard the laughter coming from just beyond it, clear as day.

The curiosity was just too much. How could she not resist finding out what was in there? Maybe any other person could have just walked away, but not Eleanor Paxton.

Her hand slowly reached out for the knob and with an intake of breath she pulled it open. There was a flurry of movements but when they all came to a halt, El's eyes widened at the sight. A girl was using her shirt to cover her bare chest and the boy she was on top of was just in his boxers giving El a dirty look. It then became clear what had been going on in there.

El's cheeks flushed a bright red as her hand smacked over her eyes and slammed the door shut. "Sorry!" she apologized before turning to make a run for it.

She didn't get far. Everything around her disappeared as she was frozen in place by two bright yellow, green lights. Beyond the lights she was sure there was a face, but she couldn't make out the features in the definite darkness. Her head felt light and her skin tingly.

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