26; Evanescent

In the months I have been in Beacon Hills I have learned much about myself and what I am. I have always known I was different but I never knew I was more than human. The Hales have welcomed me into their home and yet I still feel as though I am an outcast. They have explained to me the importance of joining their pack and what will happen if I do not.

I know now that in a few short months I will die if I don't heed their warning. Yet in my head and heart I know that it would be the wrong decision. While I have been shown great kindness I have also experienced animosity for reasons I don't yet know. The other night I awoke to someone searching through my things while I slept. I don't know why but I do know the intentions behind it were not good-natured.

It is because of this that I have chosen to take my leave. I have not told Robert and Clarice and I don't think I will in the expectation that they will try to convince me to stay. I have overheard them speaking of an alpha in a nearby place named Oak Creek. Tomorrow I will go there in search of her and I hope I have better luck finding acceptance in her pack. My life depends on it.

"Eleanor Rose!"

At her mother's call, El jerked up from her intense focus on the journal in her hands nearly throwing it to the floor. Her fluttering heart settled as she let out a deep breath.

"Yes, mom, sorry?"

Her mother scowled as she moved around the kitchen island. "I said why you didn't take the pie out of the oven when the timer went off and you're sitting right there."

"Oh," she mumbled, "I didn't hear it."

"Apparently," she retorted and opened the oven to pull out the homemade blueberry pie. The sweet, savory aroma wafted through the air. Her stomach clenched with hunger at the thought of the sweet, pastry. "Do you still plan on taking it to that women?"

El wasn't sure why her mother sounded so bitter. "Yes, I still plan on giving it to Melissa."

"Ms. McCall, Eleanor. She is an adult and your doctor. You address her properly."

She raised an eyebrow and refrained from commenting on the use of her name. Any other day she would have gone into a full on spar but today she didn't feel the need to poke the caged lion. For whatever reason, Natasha Paxton had woken up that morning in an even sourer mood than usual.

"Uh, okay?"

"I'll be at the salon until dinner time. If you need anything don't call me I won't be able to answer."

Before El was able to get a word in she walked briskly out of the kitchen. The front door slammed shut signaling her departure. El knew her mom to be a tad dramatic yet her theatrics never ceased to amaze her.

Her eyes returned to the written words of her late granddad and continued to read. She hadn't been able to put it down since she found it on her doorstep this morning wrapped horribly in Christmas themed paper. If it hadn't been for the note on top addressed to "gypsy lady" she probably would have dismissed it.

It seemed Peter had a problem ringing the doorbell and handing it to her himself or, more likely, it brought him amusement. A disliked werewolf like himself had to get his kicks from somewhere she supposed.

It took very little effort to find the alpha and pack residing in Oak Creek. It seems she knew I was coming before I even arrived. Her name is Satomi Ito and she has been here since the early 1940's when she was held in a Japanese Internment Camp during World War 11. I am a little taken back that she is so willing to share her past with me, who she has just met. Her reasoning is that I am a Rom or a gypsy, and to a wolf, there is no reason not to trust me.

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