10; Inhuman

If there was one thing that El wished for more than anything, it was to turn back the clock. Being a child had been the best years of her entire life for obvious reasons. She could remember waking up every morning and being so excited to go to school and see her friends. Granted she didn't have many of them, that was the least of her worries. She had Isaac and that's all that really mattered.

The only thing that really troubled a seven year old El was what color bow she was going to wear that day. It wasn't an exact rule but everyone knew you couldn't wear the same one two days in a row. If it wasn't that, it was making sure her mother packed everything into her Scooby Doo lunch box. God forbid her mom forgot to put in a snack pack or string cheese.

Things were slightly more complicated now. She used to dream of the day she could leave Eichen House, but lately it'd begun to feel like she'd never left. At least there she had Miranda, and the more she thought about it she realized how much she was beginning to miss her. El figured that's why she'd taken such an immediate liking to Kira. They were both so chatty and optimistic.

"The party last night was crazy." Kira exclaimed trying to strike up conversation after a moment of silence. El nodded her head while picking at her cafeteria food. She couldn't remember much about last night worth talking about. Other than a major headache and her new body art, all last night did was cause more trouble.

"Frankly, last night is a bit of a blur. I remember dancing- lots of dancing," she emphasized with a grin causing Kira to giggle. "And a little bit of alcohol. God knows exactly what I drank from that red cup. Then I heard..." El trailed off suddenly and the smile fell from her face, realizing what she was about to say.

She'd heard laughing. Distinct laughing above the roaring and pulsing music. How that was possible? It wasn't.

No one else heard it. That could only mean one thing. It had been the voices. She wasn't ready for Kira to know about that just yet, or ever.

"What'd you hear?"

El forced a smile. "The music. It was great. I've never had that much fun before."

Never once did El consider herself a good liar, she was actually terrible at it. It was hard to believe she'd kept her secret for this long. It was probably because it was a life or death matter. It could also be that Kira was not so great at detecting lies. She seemed like the gullible type.

"I know right! I had such an amazing time. I haven't really talked with Isaac much, but the others are really nice. Maybe you could introduce us. You two seem really close from what I've heard from Scott."

Of course she'd been paying attention out of politeness, but suddenly the conversation got a whole lot more interesting at the mention of Scott. It actually made her stomach twist with a new feeling just talking about him. Sometimes El wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

"You're friends with Scott?" El asked trying to seem casual. She pushed her plate of food away. She wasn't too hungry to begin with but she definitely would rather talk about Scott. The food was disgusting anyways.

Kira smiled shyly, and the blush in her cheeks didn't go unnoticed. "Yeah, he was the first person to make me feel welcome here. He's really nice, the nicest." she gushed and even El smiled.

She wanted to get to know him. He was the boy she'd thought about for years and all she'd ever known was his name. She wanted to know more. Hopefully that wasn't too creepy.

"And he mentioned me to you?" El continued pretending to be uninterested in her answer.

Kira nodded. "Mhm, he talked about you and Isaac. Apparently Isaac has said a lot about you to him."

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