25; Dread Pt.2

El couldn't remember a time when she had felt such pain. Maybe the time she was almost blown to bits or the time she was tortured by the nogitsune, or maybe all those countless years in Eichen House. It was hard to say, but she decided the number of times she'd been in these life-threatening situations was one two many.

It hadn't hurt this much until now. For the past couple of weeks, she'd experienced a dull ache all over her body that increased each day that passed. It was like something had been building up inside her and today it just exploded. All she could focus on was the sensation of being boiled alive in her own skin.

She held her hand to her stomach applying unnecessary pressure as if it were going ease the pain. She bit her tongue to refrain from causing too much noise and groaned when the irony taste of blood spread in her mouth.

If there was ever a point in time that she hated what she was then she did now more than ever. Everyone saw her as some sort of rare gem they couldn't keep their grubby paws off when in reality she was as interesting and lifeless as a lump of coal.

Another spasm of agony flared in her belly and she barely held back the scream caught in her throat.

Melissa fiddled with El's phone and scrolled through the contacts looking for Peter's name. She didn't find it but she did find Psychotic Fleabag. She snickered and tapped the phone symbol and pressed the phone to her ear. What were the chances El knew another psychotic fleabag other than Peter Hale?

The ringing built her anticipation and it was excruciating as El continued to whimper in pain beside her. Melissa needed to take action and she felt as though Peter was purposely prolonging answering the phone as much as he could.

Finally, when another second would have sent her to voicemail he answered, "Ready to fulfill your end of the deal, Eleanor Rose?"

Melissa frowned at the obvious satisfaction in his voice, "If it were up to me she wouldn't touch you with a 10-foot pole," she snapped.

Peter smiled widely, "Ms. McCall, should I dare ask where our dear gypsy is?"

"She was here at the hospital when she collapsed. She's dying and, for some unknown reason, she asked me to call you of all people."

He perked up at that. Oh no, she would definitely not die before she became of use to him. "I'm surprised she's lasted this long. Let me talk to her."

Melissa looked down at the young girl curled up in a ball on the floor. Her arms were wrapped around her midsection and every movement drew a cry from her lips. Her eyes were squeezed shut and the pain was evident in her features.

"She's unconscious. She's fading fast, Peter. You need to get here now!"

There was a pause and she was so close to pulling out her hair in frustration. She did not like standing idly by when someone needed help, medical help. It infuriated her when all her knowledge proved useless when it came to the supernatural teenagers close to her heart.

"Did you hear me? You need to get here now!"

The urgency in her voice had him pulling the phone away from his sensitive ears, "I'll be there shortly."

She breathed a short sigh of relief. She wasn't quite sure this was the right decision. A part of her urged her to pick up the phone again and call her son, but she didn't. El had made her choice and she would honor that.

Melissa placed her hand on El's forehead and the teen grimaced. El was sweating and the heat radiating off of her hadn't lessened. She grabbed the thermometer from the desk and gently grazed it over her skin. She frowned as it beeped and revealed her temperature, 98.6 degrees Farenheight.

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