06; Teenage Dream

There were three things that had become clear in the short amount of time El had returned home. One, things weren't the same as how she had left them. Two, her family wasn't near as perfect as they seemed to be. Three, secrets didn't remain secrets in Beacon Hills.

On her third day of school she'd had a very rude awakening. The previous night she'd stayed up till three in the morning trying to decipher her algebra homework... in the dark. Almost right after Joey had left, the power had went out and it wasn't just in their house, it was in the entire town. Needless to say she couldn't figure out how letters were suddenly in math let alone with only candles and her iphone flashlight to illuminate her room. Luckily she wasn't afraid of the dark.

Paul didn't take mercy on her the following morning when their mother told him to go wake her up. One cup full of ice water later and she was wide awake scrambling out of her soaking bed.

He smirked. "Time to go to school."

Stricken with shock, her mouth hung open unable to form sentences to respond with. She wanted to yell at him or hit him, but she knew it wouldn't be because of the cold water. He was the reason Joey hadn't come over since dinner a few nights ago, and he couldn't care less. He'd make comments here and there about their brothers absence and it made her blood boil. She had no idea what had happened between the two, but his attitude easily put her on Joey's side.

"You've got 20 minutes and then I'm gone. I'd hurry or you'll be walking." he added and closed the door behind him.

She'd picked up quickly that 20 minutes wasn't even enough time to do her hair. You'd think they'd cancel at least one day of school after the entire town loses electricity, but no dice. Hurrying around her room she managed to pick an outfit out that seemed to match and put her hair up into a ponytail. In 15 minutes she was running down the stairs and swiftly taking the granola bar out of her fathers hand as she said goodbye. With 2 minutes to spare she made it to Paul's car where he was waiting impatiently.

"Took you long enough." he grumbled in irritation as he recklessly pulled out of his parking spot. Her hands braced themselves in front of her as she lurched forward at the sudden acceleration in speed. Paul chuckled as she hastily fastened her seat belt.

He didn't attempt to make conversation as her mother usually did and she didn't mind at all. She didn't have anything to say to him and she was sure he didn't have much to say to her either. He knew he was well on his way to being on her bad side and that almost made him smile. Why change that with small talk?

When they approached the school he pressed down on the brake and her forehead just about collided with the dashboard. His eyes remained focused ahead of them as he unlocked the passenger door. "Get out." he ordered and she didn't waste a moment to exit the car. Half a second after she closed the door he was speeding back down the road and out of sight.

El sighed in relief as she turned to face the school. She was happy she made it here in once piece. Something seemed off as she entered the building and walked to her locker. It was if everyone was finally noticing her. Whispers filled her ears but she couldn't make out any of the mumbles as she passed by the staring people. A weight formed in her stomach as more and more people sent her looks. It wasn't that they were looking that bothered El but more of how they were looking at her.

All those stares and glances made her feel alienated. She knew she was different from everyone, but it made her feel inhuman. That's when she knew. That's when it became clear that everyone knew about her secret. Everyone knew she had been locked up in Eichan House for half her life.

It reminded her of something her grandad used to tell her. It was an old saying he constantly used to recite and at the moment the only part she could remember was, "The truth can not be long hidden". Before she used to think his words were nonsense but now they made sense.

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