40; On The Hunt Pt. 2

The sound of blood rushing in her ears combined with the heavy thud of her heart, startled El as she charged into the building. She expected to be running into a full out battle between the assassins and Brett, but she was welcomed by silence.

She waited tensely at the doors, feeling her body adjust to the wave of cool refrigerated air. Any second, she expected Violet or Garrett to jump out at her and her palms tingled in anticipation. With her harsh gasps of air now down to barely audible pants, she walked slowly down the hall cutting the pie to every corner and door with extreme caution. The bodies from the crime scene photos Stiles had carried around flashed in her mind, a warning from her subconscious.

El rounded the corner that led to the locker rooms and felt a shriek catch in her throat as a man clawed his way out of the doorway. His wide, stricken eyes were filled with such fear that she could feel it in herself too. She ran and slid to her knees beside him taking the hand he stretched out to her. He struggled to speak only managing gargled and breathy grunts as he touched his fingers to his neck.

A thin line of cauterized flesh was cut deep into his jugular and as El looked closer, she nearly gagged. She tore her eyes away from the whites of his spine visible through his wound and held a finger to her lips urging him not to make any noise. "I can help you, but first I need to get the boy you brought in here. Where is he?"

Limply, he raised his head in an attempt to look behind him and El saw the reflection of a figure looming behind her in the whites of his eyes. She dived away just as a boot slammed down into her shoulder barely missing her targeted head.

Her adrenaline overpowered the pain and El scrambled behind a row of lockers, hoping Violet hadn't seen her. She had to smack a hand to her mouth to keep her from shouting once her eyes settled upon the unmoving body laying at her feet. His green jersey stood out starkly against the white tile and uneager to confirm she had arrived too late, she hesitantly reached down and placed two fingers below his jaw. Her anxiety settled a fraction as she felt Brett's faint pulse thrumming beneath her fingertips.

"I was always good at hide-and-seek."

El's teeth forcefully slammed together as her chin banged against the floor nearly catching her tongue between them. Her hands shot out and tried to grasp at anything as Violet yanked her away by the ankle. The thin wire dug into the sensitive nerves of her Achilles tendon and she cried out as a spasm of sharp tingles shot up her calf.

"I didn't think you'd figure it out," Violet sneered down at her and continued to cut off the circulation with a forceful pull of the wire. The numbness devoured her leg and El began to panic as she began to lose sensation in her toes. "That's okay. This will give Scott a good idea of what he's up against when I drop a box of your limbs on his-"

Rolling on to her back, El threw herself at Violet sending the two of them tumbling to the floor. The wire came loose and she hurriedly shook it off her tingling leg before jutting her knee into Violet's gut.

Grunting, the girl toppled to the side and El pinned her down while she was incapacitated. For an instant, they stared at each other before Violet reared her head back and slammed it into El's face.

She felt the brunt of the blow in her nose as she fell backwards on to her behind. It throbbed and produced a warmth that gushed down into her mouth and chin. El touched at it and pulled her fingers back to see the glistening red blood through her starburst vision.

"Is that all you got?" Violet goaded and bared her teeth venomously. Each time she spoke, the facade of the ordinary teenage girl chipped away. "Because I can do this all day."

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