01; Finding Her Place

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01; Finding Her Place

Miranda talked amiably whilst helping Eleanor Rose - or as she prefers to be called, El - packed what little belongings she had.

The brown paper bag the nurses had spared her was not even half ways full when they ran out of things to place inside of it. Its contents consisted of a hairbrush, a few spiral notebooks, and a tattered picture of her and her granddad.

"All done." The petite brunette beamed.

El looked over to her friend, managing to give her a small smile. She hated this place more than anything but she'd stay if it meant not having to leave her best friend behind.

Miranda pouted pulling the other girl closer into a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you Elie."

"I'm going to miss you too."

After a moment they pulled back.

"I'll visit." El promised.

Miranda shook her head reverently, a frown tugging at her lips. "God no. I hope you don't."

"And why not?"

"You're getting out of here El. You're getting a chance to live again. A lot of us can't say the same."

El looked down at her feet, almost taken by surprise to see a slightly tight-fitting pair of converse instead of the usual creme colored loafers. Her shirt was plain along with her capris, courtesy of the lost and found. It was an odd feeling to be out of the scrubs and scratchy robe.

"You promise me that you'll try to do good out there," she stated sternly.

The taller girl hesitated but a second later was nodding again. "I promise Mandy. I'll live, for the both of us."

The door behind them opened abruptly and in came the corrupt man with the smirk plastered to his face. "Time to go Paxton," Brunski slurred amusedly.

Grabbing her things, El walked through the door looking over her shoulder to give her friend one final smile before she left. She'd barely caught a glimpse when Brunski shut the door hastily.

He chuckled, grabbing her elbow and leading her roughly down the dim hallways. Her eyes trailed down to her arm where his hand squeezed down on her skin. She looked away trying to block out the spikes of pain. There would be a bruise, but she'd been through worse.

Eyes stared out of the small holes in the doors in curiosity as they walked by. It's not everyday someone gets to walk out the gates of Eichan House. She didn't smile at anyone or attempt to say goodbye. There wasn't anyone else worth saying goodbye to.

When they passed room 183, she kept her eyes trained straight ahead. She felt the glare of Meredith Walker all the way down the hall until they turned the corner. She definitely wasn't a friend. More like the reason for receiving ice baths as punishments and getting the unfortunate opportunity to put on the all too familiar straight jacket.

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