36; The Silent Treatment

El wasn't sure when or where it happened, but after experiencing firsthand the pain and heartache that accompanied the supernatural she had made a vow. Albeit a subconscious vow, but a vow, all the same, to keep one of the few people she truly loved out of the part of her life that would surely destroy him. It was already too late for one brother, but she swore to make sure Joseph had the chance Paul didn't.

Having seen him standing across from her occupying the place the berserkers had been, she knew that vow was not only broken but shattered into irreparable pieces.

He had stared at her with an unreadable emotion on his face and then turned around and left, just like that without having said anything. She ran after him pleading for him to talk to her. To yell, or scream, anything.

Please don't walk away from me. She remembered saying those words, so full of dread and anxiety. And it was those words that made him halt in his tracks.

Walk away from you? He spat back in her face. I have never once walked away from you. Not when you went to Eichen House. Not when you came back home. Not ever.

And that was true, but she had a feeling that was about to change.

What was I supposed to say? She wept unable to stop the unshed tears in her eyes from spilling over. They grudgingly made the anger in his expression lessen forcing him to look away otherwise he'd probably end up comforting her.

Anything, you could have said anything, because I would have believed you.

But how? How could he be so sure he wouldn't have laughed in her face or come to realize her going to Eichen House had been justified. The latter being one of her greatest fears.

You're either ignorant or oblivious if you don't notice the things going on in this town.

She wanted to ask what he had meant by that, but a part of her already knew. Deep down she'd known all along that just maybe everything she'd tried to protect him from had gotten to him long before she knew about it.

His tattoo, his association with the Hales, his story about the glowing eyes. He must have known something if not everything.

Derek insisted she let him go. To give him time to calm down and process everything. But that was exactly what she was afraid of. How much time? How long would she have to force herself to stay away or how quickly would he decide she was a monster?

She thought maybe waiting to call him until the next morning was enough time for him to cool off, but the next seven days had proven her wrong. The only time she heard his voice was the thirty seconds after each ignored phone call: Sorry I missed you. I'll catch you later.

She found herself calling his phone repeatedly after that night just to hear his voice. El wasn't sure if it was sad or pathetic, maybe it was both.

El shot up in her desk as she felt a sharp pinch in her side. She whipped around to see Malia with two clawed fingers extended towards her.

"Ms. Paxton, do you ever plan on participating in class?"

"I'm sorry? I-uh wasn't-" Confused, she looked around to see everyone staring at her. "Paying attention?" He finished for her and she smiled weakly.

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