38; New To The Pack

With Stiles' sweater and her torn shirt, courtesy of Malia, discarded, El smoothed out the outfit she'd put together for the night. It was a plain lilac shirt, overall shorts, and her favorite pair of Chuck Taylors. Initially, she'd planned on wearing work out clothes and running shoes knowing fully well the night wasn't going to involve small talk over tea.

She also knew the smallest detail would make Liam suspicious. She couldn't let that happen. Even if he refused to listen to her or the others then at least by being at the lake house she would get him away from town, away from people he could seriously hurt.

El had never seen any of the were-people she knew under the influence of the full moon, but if what everyone had told her was true, then it was going to be a horror show.

"Going out tonight?" her mom appeared at her door wiping her hands on her apron.

El snapped out of her moment of reflection and continued to gather her things into a small bag before Kira showed up; a small unfortunate detail due to her lack of a drivers license and a car. "Yeah, just a small get together between friends. If that's okay?"

Only out of courtesy did she add the last part in attempt to maintain the civility they had formed over the last few weeks. She was still her mother after all, but if she did choose now to wield her parental control there was little she could do to prevent El from sneaking out through her window.

"That's alright."

Relieved, El smiled softly at her continuing to search for her phone charger somewhere in the mess of her room. Crouching to look underneath her bed her fingers brushed the leather journal hidden between her mattress. Holding back the wave of emotion that threatened to consume her she shoved it into her bag.

"Here let me help," her mother offered and straightened out her disheveled sheets and pillows. "I suppose it's a good thing you're getting out there and finding whatever normalcy you can. That's all I've ever wanted for you."

Before El could inform her that she was far from normal, her mom pulled the charger out from within her tangled up blankets. "Aha, here it is."

As she continued to make her bed, the medicine bottle hidden underneath her pillow rolled out for the both of them to see. Making eye contact, El reached for it, but her mother quickly swiped it before she could. "What's this?" she asked as she read the label for sleeping pills prescribed to her father.

"Eleanor," accusing eyes turned to look at her, "are you using again?"

Her words sounded so horrible. It's not as if she were using real drugs. This was nothing. "Mom, I swear I'm okay. I was just having trouble sleeping so I took a few, but it's not like before."

"Your doctors told me you were sober, but they said you could slip."

She turned and stormed out of the room with El following close behind her.  "Mom, what are you doing?"

As she burst into the bathroom the cap to the medicine bottle was thrown across the small room into the shower. "Mom, what-"

One by one, pills spilled into the toilet until there was none left. "I'm helping you before you continue to destroy yourself. You remember what rehab felt like don't you? The detoxification? The withdrawal? Do you want that again?"

Standing speechless, El did nothing but watch as they swirled down the bowl and disappeared into the drain. "This is because of that boy you've been hanging around with. I knew he'd be trouble. Just like his father!"

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