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04; You Again

It was midday, which left only a couple hours before school would be over for the day. So far El could say it had gone pretty well but she wasn't sure if that would last very long. Bad things tended to attract to her like a magnet.

In all her classes she'd had to introduce herself, and as awkward as that had been nothing compared to how awkward it felt having the boy beside her glare holes into the side of her head.

He'd been openly staring at her ever since the teacher, who's name she couldn't remember, had assigned her to sit beside him.

She wanted to ask him to stop, mostly because it was making her uncomfortable, but she didn't have the guts to do it. El didn't even know his name.

His face was freckled and he was slightly jittery as he changed positions every now and then.

Maybe he knows? El thought distantly. Her mind was scattered, trying to figure out what he possibly knew whilst calming her hyped nerves.

As the teacher assigned work in the textbook the class fell into a silence. No one spoke and the gaze the boy had on El grew stronger. Her hand shot up into the air before she could process what she was doing.

"Yes, Eleanor?"

She cringed at the name.

"May I go to the bathroom?"

The older woman looked at her through her thick glasses and waved her off.
"Make it quick."

Mumbling a yes ma'am, El shot up from her seat and quickly shuffled out the door. She could finally breathe as she shut it behind her and entered the empty hallway.

The first thing that passed through her mind was that she had no idea where the bathroom was and secondly was sure she was hearing a buzzing sound. Swatting around her head, the sound persisted. Flies, she thought with a frown. She always thought they were disgusting little things.

Wandering the halls she stumbled upon the girls bathroom. Busting through the door maniacally, she was nearly close to screaming. The buzzing continued and increased at a frightening volume. It sounded as though a whole swarm was surrounding her but as El looked in the mirror she saw only herself.

Shakily she turned the faucet and the water began to steam out. It droned out most of the buzzing but it was still there.

"Breathe, El." she murmured to herself, splashing water in her face.

Her head felt hot as beads of water dripped down her face. Gripping the sink she breathed in deep and let out a soothing sigh.

The flies she was sure she was hearing almost sounded angry as the buzzing heightened furiously. An excruciating pain formed at the sides of her head and she gasped pressing her fingers to her temples. She was sure she'd pass out as her vision was blinded by splotches of black and white.

It returned in waves only giving her a glimpse of the man standing behind her.
El could recognize him anywhere. She'd seen his face all but a few times in Eichen House, but once was enough to chill her to the bone.

El didn't hesitate to run out of the bathroom as if her life depended on it because it did depend on it.

William Barrow is the the type of person who gives Eichen house its reputation. Killing teenagers with a bomb for having 'glowing eyes' tends to make you feared.

And the last place you want to see him is out of Eichan House, if you do you run.

She half expected an explosion to set off before she could make it out the door, but she remained in tact as she stumbled into the hallway. A scream was caught in her throat that she just couldn't get out.

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