30; Everglow

"I guess you're not as different from teenage girls these days after all."

El jumped in surprise and in her state of shock sent her pen flying at her unexpected visitor. Paul groaned as he had to duck out of the way to prevent it from hitting him square in the head.

His hand hovered over his chest as he let out a string of curses. Scrambling out of her desk chair she went to his side, "are you okay? Did you tear your stitches?"

Paul swatted her hands away, "I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I-"

He glared at her warningly and slowly with her hands raised in surrender she retrieved her pen from the floor and sat back at her desk. He took a moment to catch his breath and helped himself by leaning against her door for support.

"You know a couple months ago when I said we should put a bell on you? Well, I really think we should start investing in one." She grumbled.

He smiled mockingly "And like I said a couple months ago when you told me that, funny."

He then eyed her with amusement returning to what he had caught her doing. "are you really writing in a diary? How Tumblr of you."

Blushing she moved her hand over the medium sized book she'd bought at the store. It had a simple navy blue cover binding the pages together with a butterfly printed on the back. She had to admit it was a bit girly, but it was pretty and it had caught her attention.

"It's a journal, not a diary."

He smirked, "whatever you say little sister. What's so interesting about your life anyways that you feel the need to jot it down?"

El's eyebrows furrowed together. "You're kidding right?"

He continued to stare at her blankly waiting expectantly for an answer. She scoffed with a roll of her eyes, "I got the idea from granddad. He wrote journals detailing nearly his entire life from the moment he found out who and what he was. They've helped me sort of understand a few things and internalize it all. I figure maybe if I write down what I've experienced and learned it'll help someone else in the future."

He shook his head and motioned for her to stop talking with his hand. "Wait, wait, wait. Did you say granddad gave you the idea? Last time I checked the old man was dead."

As if she needed the reminder of how depressed she should be, what little good spirits she had drifted away. Days of trying not to cry every 5 seconds and she was rudely pulled back into her reality within seconds.

"Yeah, Paul, I know that. I have two of his journals. He wrote them while he was alive-"

He walked closer to her with an accusing look on his face but last she checked she hadn't done anything. "Oh, I'm aware that he wrote them, what I want to know is how you have them?"

El's mouth formed an 'o' of realization as she realized what she'd walked herself into. "I found them in the attic and uh-"

"Lying, really? El, I have five of granddads journals and I've spent years trying to get my hands on all of them. For a man who only lived to 67 years old he must have written every second because there's at least 100 of them. You don't want to know about the things I've done to get just those eight and for you to tell me that you found two of them in the attic of the place I've lived in every day of my entire life means that nearly everything I did was for nothing. Because god damnit El, I did not get blackmailed by a mutt like Peter Hale for those journals to be in my own house!"

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