39; On The Hunt Pt. 1

The folded white paper sat on Scott's dresser discarded there by El's refusal to look at it. In this week's turn of events, the man with no mouth hadn't been some random murderer. He was a notorious assassin who'd come to collect and he wouldn't be the last.

The death of Demarco Montana and Carrie Hudson was a confirmation of that. Someone was out there waiting, plotting until the moment was right and none of them knew when that would be or who on the list would be next.

El didn't need Scott to tell her that her name wasn't on it. Not that it mattered. Unbeknownst to her, people had been after her for years and Paul had been the only thing stopping them. Where was he now? Gone. Forever for all she knew.

"What are you thinking?" Scott's voice drew her out of her thoughts after what seemed like hours of sitting in contemplative silence. They sat on his bed cross legged in front of one another while he broke the news. He'd prolonged the inevitable as much as he could, but she deserved to know what was up against them.

In truth, she didn't know what to think. All she knew was that she'd had one week of somewhat peace. She and Scott were together now to the complete shock of some- namely Kira- and long overdue to others. Malia's more instinctive take on the subject was something El would prefer to forget altogether. It was in all honesty, the best week of her entire life. Nonetheless, she knew something was wrong the entire time.

She wouldn't tell Scott this, but he wasn't nearly as good at keeping a secret as he thought he was. Or at least not from her. The whispered side conversations he'd pull away from her to have with Stiles was the biggest giveaway. Then followed by his frequent trips to the Sheriff's station.

Had she taken the time to figure out what was going on it would have been easy to piece together, but for once she left herself in the dark. It was nice not knowing and having to worry if at least for a while. "I'm thinking we need to figure out who at the party killed the keg guy."

He nodded his head in agreement, "we think whoever ordered the keg is the one who did it."

The implication that led to should have shocked El or at the very least make her fear having to return to a school in less than an hour. On the contrary, she was disturbingly impressed. What better way to get near the high school teenagers you were trying to kill than to impersonate one?

"Is there any way I can convince you not to play at tonight's game?" Running around on that field anything could be made to look like an accident. The thought of losing Scott while she sat watching hopelessly on the stands was not something she wanted to have to do. Especially when Scott wasn't the only one she would have to worry about out there.

The newest addition to the pack proved to be more difficult each day that passed. On top of his constant temper outbursts and naivety, he was still trying to cling to what normalcy he had left. El knew there was no way she could convince Liam to sit out the game even if they explained to him in gory detail what was at risk. If not to find out who the killer is, then Scott was out there to protect him.

As if reading her mind he reached over and held her hand comfortingly, "Liam's not on the list."

Relief flood through her briefly. Not yet anyways, she reminded herself. For the past two weeks, Lydia had uselessly held herself over a record player at her grandmothers lake house. There was still two thirds of the list yet to be uncoded and El could take a quick guess that she and Liam's names were on one of the two.

"Eleanor, if the killer really is a student, they can't know that we're on to them. This might turn out to be a good chance to find out who it is."

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