35; Headaches and handcuffs

How things managed to turn so badly in such a little amount of time was beyond her. El knew she was mostly to blame for it. Or actually entirely to blame, but she wouldn't give herself that much credit. Just go to school, that's what Paul had said. Just stay out of it was what she should have done. But as always, she did the opposite.

"You know this is completely unnecessary," El spoke up as Parrish passed by her. She lifted up her arm, but it was restrained from going far by the handcuff closed tightly around her wrist.

Parrish chuckled and kneeled in front of her. "Sorry, it was just for safety purposes. I'm sure you understand."

She snorted, "there has to be a compliment in there somewhere."

Parrish shook his head at her in amusement as he fished a small silver key from his pocket and inserted it into the tiny lock of the handcuff. She hissed under her breath as the metal digging into her skin loosened to reveal a band of red lines. El rubbed at the raw skin and gave Deputy Haigh who had handcuffed her a hate filled glance.

"Take it off him too," she added and motioned over to the boy sitting silently next to her. He hadn't uttered a single sound since they'd been brought to the station. Parrish didn't listen to her and assessed her friend for the threat he strangely was. The boy was young, scrawny and pale, yet he had a power in him that didn't go unnoticed by those who took the time to really look at him. It was in his eyes, a spark of undeniable strength that also meant danger.

The young teens blue eyes raised to meet theirs and El awed exaggeratively, "come on Parrish, look at that innocent little face. He promises to behave, don't you Derek?"

He frowned but nodded his head. El rolled her eyes at his curt gesture, even in youth he was so sour. She could only imagine what had made him that way.

Parrish's expression became serious. He had experienced enough in this town to know that even the most innocent looking ones could be the deadliest. "I have a feeling if I take these cuffs off you'll be okay. I think you'll help us figure out what happened to your family so we can get you out of here. Am I right?"

This time Derek nodded his head more intently and remained motionless as the metal cuff was removed from his wrist. "You okay?" El leaned in to ask him.

"I'm okay," he confirmed, finally speaking, and she patted his knee.

"Can we leave now?" She wondered, turning back to Parrish. "Although this field trip has been fun, Derek and I have somewhere to be."

He opened his mouth to answer when the other deputy called him over to his desk. She huffed as he gave her a look that said: don't try and run away.

"I've run this kid's prints eight times. This is all that comes up."

El watched the confusion on Parrish's face appear, "Derek Hale?"

She imagined they were looking at a much older version of Derek on the computer screen. One that undoubtedly resembled the boy beside her, but was about 10 years his senior.

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