14; Pawns In A Game

They were minutes too late. The bomb had gone off just as they were about to arrive, shaking the frame of the jeep. They were minutes away from saving countless lives at the mercy of the nogitune's wrath.

The spirit latched onto the teenage vessel fed off all the pain and agony and there was an endless amount of that in Beacon Hills.

Everyone who was caught in the crossfire was simply collateral damage. It was all a part of a game. A game set up by a dark being who was seeking revenge and amusement.

The sheriff ran into the remains of his station. His deputies and civilians lay in the rubble, some dead and others barely hanging onto life. His son stood behind him taking in the disaster he had caused unknowingly.

In a daze, he walked through the room feeling his chest constrict seeing the people he'd known since he was a child laying on the floor in pain. The pain he had caused.

Scott was right behind him. His sensitive ears picked up fewer heartbeats than the number of people in the building. The aroma of gunpowder and blood hung heavily in the air causing his eyes and nose to burn.  

Stiles begged him to do something, anything to help. He did, taking as much pain away from the victims of the bomb, most that soon passed away in the debris. The pain he could take away but death he could not prevent.

Among the injured was Eleanor Rose Paxton. Her unconscious body lay in Derek Hale's arms, barely breathing. He was unable to take her pain as he was already swimming in his own.

Scott went around taking as much suffering as he could muster until he stumbled upon the body of Derek and El. The former alpha was in and out of consciousness as his body slowly healed itself. She, on the other hand, was nearly lifeless, limp in his arms.

Scott sank to his knees, taking her hand in his. His eyes squeezed shut as her pain seeped into his veins and swirled in the back of his head. Her chest rose as she inhaled deeply and then sighed falling back into Derek's arms.

There was no time for talking. The many ambulances and fire trucks could be heard from a distance soon arriving on the scene. El along with all the victims had been taken away into the ambulances for medical care. Derek and Argent were taken back into custody amidst the chaos.

Kira and Scott ran from the station, taking Stiles to a secure place. The oni were coming and they had found them in the sanctuary of the animal clinic. But the demons weren't what they should have been running from.

Now a poisoned fox was at bay deep within the body of a human boy. He was temporarily subdued but it would heal and it would back with a vengeance.

It was how El had described it, a waiting game.

The alpha couldn't help but feel at fault for the entire situation. It was as the nogitsune said, foxes can not be trusted, they're tricksters and they'll fool you. That's exactly what it did. It fooled them all.

Now innocent people were dead and El was in a coma along with Isaac.

Beacon Memorial was no foreign place to Scott. His mother had worked there since he was a child and he had no trouble visiting El when not even her family had been permitted to see her yet. The ICU was off-limits to non-family and had strict visiting hours yet he found himself sitting beside her bed a few hours after she had been released from surgery.

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