07; Fireflies Pt.1

No one was more surprised when El went up to her father and asked if she could go to a party than Paul. Apparently it was a huge thing since the power was still off in the entire town. Parties were his forte, but he personally hadn't been invited to the biggest one of the year. He could crash it like most people were going to but apparently that wasn't his 'style'.

El didn't see the problem. If he wanted to go then why didn't he? It was one of the many things she'd found confusing about her older brother. He was so much simpler when he was 12. But even then he'd always been a little complicated. Which was mostly the reason she got along better with Joey.

The eldest Paxton child still hadn't turn up after another long day. El was compelled to ask her mother when he'd come by again, but after what happened the last time they were together she thought otherwise. After he'd left she'd been even moodier than usual. The simplest things made her upset and one mention of Joey would probably push her over the edge.

It was painfully obvious that something happened between Paul and Joey. They had always fought before but what brothers don't? That's what siblings do. Fight, make up, and fight all over again. Now it was like they couldn't stand being in the same room together. Ever since that day it had been nagging at her mind at what could have happened to make them resent each other so much.

On the plus side of all this her mother was finally calling her by El rather than Eleanor or Rose.

While she sat beside her father watching a rerun of Law and Order, she brought up the courage to ask her father if she could go out to the party. El already knew it was probably a lost cause to go to her mother so that's why she has another parent.

Olivia Benson was just making a case cracking breakthrough when she finally spoke up.
"Hey dad?"

He hummed in response glancing towards her quickly. His glasses slid down to the tip of his nose and he pushed them right back up.

"So there's this party tonight..." she began uneasily as she watched for his reaction. His expression remained calmed which urged her to go on. "And I was invited by a friend to go."

Her dad smiled widely and she wasn't sure if that was good or not. Probably good, right?

For any other father letting their little girls go out was scary. Allowing their only daughter venture out into the unknown not knowing how they'd come back was terrifying actually. But for him it was the opposite. It had been nearly a week that she'd been home and she was already asking to go to parties. He wasn't even upset about it all. It was all he'd ever wanted for her really. A normal life was all her ever hoped for his girl. He'd do anything to make sure she got one.

"I'm glad you're making friends."

With a smile he motioned his head to the stairs and surprisingly she squealed. He chuckled as his daughter quickly hugged him and ran up the stairs, ignoring Paul's bitter look, to change.

By nine-thirty, she'd managed to attempt doing her homework, change into a party appropriate outfit, and fix her ponytail. Looking in the full body mirror beside her closet she smiled. It was slowly getting easier to get back into the groove of things. Soon she wouldn't have to go to her mother to make sure she color coordinated correctly.

When 10:05 rolled around she was on the verge of calling the entire night off. It wasn't because he was late. She wasn't the kind of girl to freak out if he wasn't there exactly at 10 sharp. Tonight would be her first party without a bouncy house and face painting. Never in a million years had she thought she'd be going to a high school party with Isaac Lahey. Not many things seemed possible in Eichen House.

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