17; Down The Rabbit Hole

El ran her sweaty hands up and down her thighs, unable to keep herself still for longer than ten seconds. The familiar path to the institution was bringing back painful memories she'd kept locked away in the untouched places of her mind. Eventually she knew one day those memories would be dug up and brought to the surface but she never thought it would be this soon.

In her mind, a little girl sat in the backseat of her mothers car thinking about the two fluffy pancakes with a whip cream smiley face, covered in syrup that she would have that morning for breakfast. She was thinking about which drink she would have with that; chocolate milk or orange juice. She also wondered if her brothers and father would join them at the breakfast place.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't been paying attention to where her mother was taking her. When the car stopped in front of the tall, dreary building she didn't know she was staring hell right in the eyes. She couldn't of known.

Her mother had taken her hand and pulled her up to the iron gates. There was a loud buzz of approval and they opened up for the two people. Willingly, she allowed her mother to lead her inside the dreadful place. Now, years later this little girl wished she had fought to be free, preventing her mother from taking her in.

Inside was even more unwelcoming. The walls were a bland and boring color and the people in it were lifeless and dismal. A dark curtain hung over the entire place and radiated into the people inhabiting it. None the less, the little girl was left there by her mother.

She was handed off to men and women in blue uniforms that she had never seen before. One man stuck out most and his name was Louis but the patients knew him better as Brunski. He treated everyone like animals, harassing and tormenting everyone in his path. He took a liking to the little girl most in particular, making sure to make her time there memorable.

And that he did.

Soon after her mother had gone she met another little girl who had been forced upon the same fate as her. They were one in the same and now they weren't so alone. Leaving the institution was hope being wasted until one day it became true and one of the girls was released. The other was given no choice but to stay and to continue to await the day that she might leave too.

Now that little girl wasn't so little anymore as El stood in front of Eichen House. Her brother looked down at her, assessing her expressions. There was only one that she could muster and it was fear.

Her answer was no, yet here she was about to enter the gates of hell once again.

If she wasn't crazy then she was definitely stupid.

She stood, unable to move her feet. The building held her in a trance, calling her name over and over.

The roar of a motorcycle pulled her attention away as Scott came to a stop beside her. He gave her a once over and she nodded her head in reassurance. He wasn't the one who needed the reassurance though.

El didn't know why she was doing this. No sane person would willingly walk into Eichen House, especially after experiencing first hand what was behind those walls. Why Stiles was doing it made no sense. In her opinion, he was better off in prison.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Scott asked incredulously as Stiles turned to look at his best friend.

He sighed, "it's only 72 hours."

"Of pure torture." El added in bitterly drawing their attention to her. Stiles frowned and his father was relatively surprised to see her and her brother standing behind her.

"What's she doing here?" Stiles questioned, just as unhappy to see her as El was to see him.

She scoffed, "I'm here to make sure you survive inside echo house."

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