22; Who I Am

"Thanks for letting me stay," El spoke softly, an underlying tremble to her voice. Scott nodded offering a comforting smile.

He knew how hard this could be to cope with. She had it particularly rough and it didn't seem to be getting any easier.

"Just didn't want to go home yet." she added wrapping her arms over her chest.

"One brother looks at me like I'm gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe, the other watches me as if I'm about to break at any moment, my mom treats me like a nuisance she can't seem to rid herself of and my dad's never around. I can't be there. It's like being all by myself."

Gently his hand pulled hers from the tight grip she had around herself. "You have me now-us." He stumbled with his words.

El nodded unable to form words in her head with his skin touching her own. "You take the bed and I'll sleep on the chair."

Another silent nod and she climbed into the bed still wearing his sweater that smelled of him. It wasn't a scent she could name or a brand of cologne. It was simply Scott.

He sat in the chair and stuffed his hands into his pockets. His head moved around trying to find a comfortable position. El watched him and all she wanted was for him to lay down beside her.

There weren't any intentions behind her thoughts other than merely wanting his presence and the ease his closeness brought her.

"You okay?" he asked.

El sighed and curled herself into a ball. "I haven't been okay for a long time now. I'm starting to think I never will be. For nine years I was told I was insane and it turns out I might not be despite the absolute craziness of all this. Werewolves and demon ninjas exist and I- I exist too. So what I guess I'm trying to say is, no I'm not okay."

Scott looked at her, really looked at her. She was too innocent for her own good. It was easy to see that she wasn't capable of doing any wrong. The purity was woven deep into her soul and shown brightly through her verdant eyes. She was good and that's what was making things so difficult.

He stood from the chair and gestured for her to scoot over. El moved to the other side of the bed and tucked herself into the soft blankets. He lay close to her, hand slightly brushing against her own.

"When I turned I was only 15. I was an average guy, an average student, an average lacrosse player. I was good enough, but I didn't exactly stand out. For a long time I was convinced the bite was a curse, but once I embraced the new side of me it wasn't so bad anymore."

She listened closely to his words. Everything he said had some type of effect on her. She could feel herself relating to him more than anyone.

"As far we know, this part of you is never going away. Now you can choose to hate it or you can embrace it. That decision can make all the difference in your life. The difference between happiness and everything else."

El sighed, "Thank you, I couldn't handle this on my own."

He smiled and a blush rose into her cheeks. Hesitantly he moved closer and slowly went to wrap his arms around her. He looked to her for approval and with red tinged cheeks she nodded her head.

His hold around her tightened and she snuggled her face into his chest, enveloping herself in his warmth. "You're gonna be okay, Eleanor. I promise."

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