13; Silent Girl Pt. 2


El looked up from her deck of cards, narrowing her eyes at the boy across from her suspiciously. Isaac flashed her a dazzling grin, urging her to call his words bluff. With a roll of her eyes, she threw her cards down, "you are such a cheater!"

Isaac chuckled. "What? I'd never."

"You always used to cheat when we were kids. That's how you always won."

The werewolf smirked, "I won because I was just that good."

"At goldfish?" El deadpanned. "Don't flatter yourself."

He shook his head with a laugh. He did cheat, but he wouldn't admit it. "So when are getting released from this party?" he asked motioning to the quiet and very white room. She sighed, she would prefer to stay in this hospital bed rather than go home. "Tonight. My mom is coming to pick me up."

"How'd she take it when she got the call?"

Another sigh. "She didn't even come see me last night. She sent my dad."

"She's just angry," he reassured. El scoffed pushing her hair out of her face. "Even Paul came to see me."

"Oh," Isaac responded awkwardly. He remembered Paul, vaguely. Whenever he would go over to El's house he was always there to pick on the both of them. The older brother, Joseph, usually came to their rescue.

Yeah oh, El thought, even the brother who hates me came to see if I was still alive.

"Will you be back to school soon?" he asked, trying to change the subject. She nodded with a small smile, "I've got a few days off to recover, but speaking of school... shouldn't you be there right now?"

His eyes glanced up at the clock hanging above the door, "Allison should be here to pick me up in a few. You're not going to go running off again if I leave, right?" he teased. She could sense the firmness underlying his tone meaning he was also being serious.

"You better go before you're late," she said, ushering him out the door. "I'll see you later?" he asked, picking up a few textbooks into his arms. "Just go." with a parting hug he slipped out the door leaving her to her thoughts.

Everything ached. Her arms, legs, and even feet as she laid down in bed and stared up at the white ceiling. How had it come to this? Everything was a mess. Her life was a complete and utter disaster.

If her mother didn't send her back to Eichen House then the hospital surely would. They knew of her time in the institution and if they thought she was harm to herself or others, they wouldn't hesitate to send her back.

It would be the end of her short-lived life in the outside world. She had really messed up this time and she wasn't even awake to realize it.

How she ended up in a coyote den with Stiles was a mystery to her. She had fallen asleep in her own bed and awoke in an ambulance. How? She couldn't say. The doctors said sleep walking, but never in her life had she slept walked before.

How she ended up in the same place as the sheriffs missing son was something else altogether. The doctors didn't have an answer for that.

It was starting again. The symptoms that got her admitted nine years ago. Soon enough she would be back in Eichen House sitting in her dull room. That thought alone petrified her.

She made a promise to live her life. She told her best friend she would do good and live for the both of them. She made that promise to Miranda, who would never have the chance to do it herself. What were the odds of keeping that promise if she was stuck back into Eichen House?

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