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34; Round Two

"Holy shit," was all Paul could muster as he ran up to his sister. A younger boys arm was slung around her neck as she and Scott shared his weight and carried him out of the church. Braeden followed behind them with her gun ready for aim.

"Is there a fountain of youth in there I can take a dip in?" He added but it lacked the humor it should have had as he stared at the boy in shock.

"Is that him? Is that Derek?" Malia asked in confusion having expected someone much much older.

Stiles visibly gulped. This was bad but they should have known this wasn't going to be easy. It never was. "Sort of," he answered when no one else did.

"C'mon, we have to get him back home," El commanded before they could all gather around any closer and stare at Derek in curiosity.

"We can take him to Deaton," Scott offered and the group nodded in agreement.

The teens hustled into their vehicles with El taking Derek with her into the backseat of her brother's car. There was barely enough room for her to sit with his head in her lap and the rest of his body stretched across the leather seats. Seeing that there was no more space none of the others attempted to join them back there. That's what she was hoping for.

If there was one thing she knew Derek hated it was allowing others to see him when he was down and broken. And if protecting him from that was all she could do for him then she would.

Her grandmother's eyes flashed with surprise as she glanced at them through the rearview mirror. It was almost instantly replaced with concern. Not for Derek necessarily, but for whatever had done this to him.

She pressed down on the gas and they lurched forward away from La Inglesia. She didn't need to be told that they needed to get back to Beacon Hills quickly, she seemed to already know.

In a matter of hours they were crossing the border to the United States and back into Beacon County.

El held Derek's hand the entire time. He remained unconscious throughout the entire trip. She knew this is what it must have felt like when she was in a coma last month and all her family could do was stand by and watch. It was nerve wracking.

El still couldn't believe it was him who was cradled in her arms. The muscled, frown-y werewolf was now reduced to a scrawny teenager with not even a single hair of stubble on his cheeks.

"We're here," Paul announced and she looked over at the dashboard to see it was three in the morning. The light outside the Veterinary office was lit telling them that Deaton was already waiting for them inside. The rain was coming down hard and she stretched the thin blanket Stiles's had given her over his frail body.

For the sake of being faster, Paul took her place by Derek as he and Scott carried him in through the doors. She kept close behind with only her grandmother following behind her. Malia and Kira were gone now most likely dropped off at their homes. And she wasn't sure when Braeden had stopped following them.

Deaton ushered them into the back operating room. Her grandmother opted to remain in the lobby. Deaton knocked all the items on top of the stainless steel table off with a swipe of his arm. It all landed on the floor in sharp clinks and clashes that made them all wince.

El pulled the blanket down to Derek's chest and once again the familiar look of utter shock spread across Deaton's face. It wasn't the reaction she was hoping for.

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