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The Other McCall ✢ Stilinski | 1 by stilesbiles
The Other McCall ✢ Stilinski | 1by stilesbiles
❝You don't care about getting hurt. But you know how I feel? I'll be devastated. And if you die, I will literally go out of my freakin' mind.❞ Scott McCall and Stacey Mc...
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mermaid º teen wolf ¹ by sarahmitchellxx
mermaid º teen wolf ¹by ˗ˏˋSARAHˊˎ˗
❛sometimes it's not the people you don't trust nor their actions. sometimes it's just within your heart that you love the secrets❜ [female oc x young derek hale] [exten...
  • shellyhennig
  • tylerhoechlin
  • mermaid
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When we were young | Derek Hale Book 1 by OthHoechlin
When we were young | Derek Hale 𝐄𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐲.
"I love you, Derek Hale." The moment Derek met Emilia, he knew. He knew he would love her forever. Protect her no matter what. He would be at her side through...
  • tylerhoechlin
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  • derekhale
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The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. M by Lokitty101
The Monster Inside ✴ Scott. Mby Lokitty101
*Editing* Astrid Freydis Mikaelson is an original vampire who moved to Beacon Hills to get away from all her supernatural problems. Little does she know, beacon hills is...
  • originalvampire
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Pup~ Teenwolf by ortizmia34
Pup~ Teenwolfby ortizmia34
Scott McCall finds a pup
  • stilesstilinski
  • derek
  • scottmccall
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Meant to Be (Derek Hale) by mei1524
Meant to Be (Derek Hale)by mei1524
Mia stared up at Derek in confusion. "What are you thanking me for?" "For giving me a family and making me the happiest man alive." He said. "I...
  • nogitsune
  • teenwolf
  • season4
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Bite |Scott McCall| by PIERCCE
Bite |Scott McCall|by PIERCCE
Alaia Pierce is best friends with Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall, but what happens when Scott gets bitten and Alaia finds out she's a kanay. How will they cope with t...
  • scottmccall
  • kanay
  • allisonargent
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Luna Krasikeva Hale by redqueen216
Luna Krasikeva Haleby redqueen216
What if Paige and Derek had a daughter? Luna Krasikeva Hale. After Paige's death, Derek was heartbroken, he made a promise to her that he'll protect their little Luna...
  • lydiamartin
  • stilesstilinski
  • isaaclahey
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Werewolf Blood// Theo Raeken by AngelinaMoreno0
Werewolf Blood// Theo Raekenby Angelina Moreno
Her whole family died because of hunters. She grew hatred for them, every single one, even the ones that didn't hunt werewolves. She moves to Beacon Hills where mythica...
  • stilesstilinski
  • theoraeken
  • maliatate
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❝It's time for me to take it, I'm the boss right now, not gonna fake it, Not when you go down.❞ Kareena Fazil, a half Spanish and half Arabian girl that lives in Beacon...
  • hunters
  • scottmccall
  • jacksonwhittemore
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The Youngest Black *SLOW UPDATES* by Kym160
The Youngest Black *SLOW UPDATES*by Kym160
Teen Wolf/ Harry Potter crossover Cassiopeia Walburga Black is the youngest and only daughter of Walburga and Orion Black, younger sister to Sirius and Regulas Black. Ca...
  • scottmccall
  • theoraeken
  • wizards
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Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Story by mrsamgreer
Crash Into Me - A Derek Hale Storyby Amber Greer
"I'm drawn to you. I don't know why I am but I am. It's like there is this anchor or something pulling me to you. It's like I love you. I'm not supposed to but I th...
  • scott
  • issac
  • carrigan
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Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓ by mikkiandnackk
Beautiful Sin | Theo Raeken ✓by kinda here
"Where there is love there is no sin... unless you're in love with Theo Raeken." Entering her senior year alongside the pack, Kendall Argent is reminded exactl...
  • chimera
  • allisonargent
  • dreaddoctors
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Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCall by theprophet-chuck
Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCallby grimmons trash
Sawyer Hale's family burned to death in a fire when she was ten years old. Her uncle, Peter, was the only other survivor - but even that came at a price. Six years late...
  • thehalefamily
  • derekhale
  • teenwolf
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Fangs ⊰ d. hale ᴮᴼᴼᴷ¹ by hellocreation
Fangs ⊰ d. hale ᴮᴼᴼᴷ¹by create me
Sarah Stilinski is only a few years older than her brother, and she's been living far from home for college. That is, until she suddenly returns to Beacon Hills without...
  • tylerhoechlin
  • stilinski
  • fanfic
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White Lies » Scott McCall by _toxicity
White Lies » Scott McCallby Mol
Note: I wrote this a long time ago so a lot of it is really poorly written. Alex Stilinski. She's sassy. She's smart. She's stylish. She's Stiles' sister. And she's in...
  • phoebe
  • scott
  • stiles
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Hybrid  by Bee9018
Hybrid by Tribrid ❦
Riley Marshall just moved from New Orleans to Beacon Hills to start over with her mother. Little did she know that she will be entering a world of the supernatural such...
  • lydiamartin
  • derekhale
  • stilesstilinski
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anchor » scott mccall by purestilinskii
anchor » scott mccallby milena
"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the pe...
  • teenwolf
  • hollandroden
  • stilesstilinski
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Teen Wolf Imagines by authenticmiya
Teen Wolf Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Teen Wolf Imagines ;) Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski Derek Hale Isaac Lahey Liam Dunbar Aiden Steiner Theo Raeken Jackson Whittemore
  • jacksonwhittemore
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenfiction
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The Little Wolf by bonniebird
The Little Wolfby Bonniebird
When a pack of werewolves, who had been allied with the Hales, are wiped out by hunters a young pup finds her way to Beacon Hills. The gang has to now balance raising a...
  • vernonboyd
  • chrisargent
  • allisonargent
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