19; Let Me In

The halls were especially empty as El ran through the maze like building towards the place she knew she'd find Stiles. A sickening feeling swirled in her stomach warning her of some impending danger.

Her gut told her to turn and run and plead for one of the orderlies to let her call someone to pick her up but her conscious told her to go after the boy she promised to protect.

All seemed to fade around her as she stopped in front of the door. It taunted her to come in and see what was waiting for her inside. El's breath stuttered in her lungs before she let it go, feeling the tension build inside of her. She knew nothing could prepare her for whatever was on the other side of the door.

She licked her dry lips as she reached out for the door knob. She flinched slightly at the coldness and slowly began to turn it. A cool breeze past through the little opening and before she could change her mind she pulled it all the way open and stepped inside.

A darkness hung in the dark room that felt heavy on her shoulders. It was like there was less air in here than there was past the door and it was suffocating. She reluctantly took steps farther into the basement, her slippers scuffing against the pavement.

"Stiles?" she called out, voice hoarse.

No response.

The chills ran up and down her spine. "Stiles?" she said but this time in a low whisper that she herself barely heard.

Her head peeked around the corner and what she saw wasn't at all what she was expecting.

El's breath caught in her throat as she closed her eyes in complete and utter shock; and partial disgust. "You pig!" she yelled and her words echoed in the dark room.

Malia and Stiles hurriedly pulled apart. The half naked girl scrambled to pull her shirt back on as El peeked through her eyelashes. "I can't believe you! I didn't risk my life coming here just so you could make out with a girl you just met!"

"Well," Stiles began "we actually met a couple weeks ago."

El gaped, unable to find the right words to describe her disbelief. "You are unbelievable." She seethed.

"Idiot! Jerk! Ass-"

"Stop it." Malia cut El off mid cuss word. "Stop. Listen. Do you hear that?"

They all went quiet but inside El was still fuming. She didn't hear anything. "You forget I'm not a werewolf with heightened senses." she ground out bitterly.

Stiles sighed. "Werecoyote" he muttered.

"Whatever." she shot back.

"No, listen." Malia growled out silencing the two's bickering.

Then they heard it. It was faint and inconsistent but still audible to their ears. It sounded like scratching on the walls and Malia already seemed to know where it was coming from. "There." she pointed and got to her feet.

Stiles and El looked at each other uncertainly before following after her. El gulped upon seeing the perfectly carved number on the wall. Her finger tips grazed the five behind her ear just beside her hairline.

With eyes still on the wall, Stiles grabbed a metal bar leaning against the machinery. He looked down at it momentarily before pulling it back and swinging it forward with all the power her could muster. Unexpectedly, the wall gave way leaving a huge hole. A gust of air went by them bringing a stale and bitter smell to their noses. He continued until the hole was big enough for them to see what was inside.

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