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*Author's note: This one is for my mom. I am who I am today because of her strength, love, support and all of her sacrifices. I love you mom ❤️

Who Am I?

I ask myself this question
as I gaze into the mirror
I study my own reflection
as a thick coat of mascara holds back my tears

Hiding under all that makeup
is the proof that I have aged
Not quite coming to terms with how I've changed
as time slowly slips away

It isn't easy when you start counting greys
and counting down the days
Watching my children grow up way too fast
as my treasured memories slowly fade away

When I finally found my lost identity
It was hidden in my mother's smile
Her strength and courage
reminded me to focus on today
and leave yesterday behind

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©️ Bobbie J. Lowrey 2024

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