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thousand words (random poetries!) by niwrhes
thousand words (random poetries!)by nniiww_97
random poems about anything in LIFE!🍀🖋️
Midnight Echoes - A Collection Of My Vivid Dreams by MysticLyra
Midnight Echoes - A Collection Dreamje
Embark on a journey through the depths of the night with this intimate collection of personal dreams. Within these pages lie the echoes of my subconscious, painted in v...
Humans Of Coffee World by ShutUpAndCoffee
Humans Of Coffee Worldby عیشہ.
The people I meet. The stories I'm surrounded by. They inspire everything from Love and Awe, to Hilarity and Disgust. This might just be a glorified diary at some point...
Better days  by susandark2
Better days by susan dark
This is not a book. this is my (sort of) a diary. If you are feeling alone, lost, unworthy, unloved, unwanted, unhappy then welcome, I hope to have you here till the e...
The Worst Neighborhood ( Jelena Fanfic) by Meek_Mely
The Worst Neighborhood ( Jelena Jemma
Selena and her family left her dream life in Florida only to end up in a neighborhood in the Bronx, New York. There she finds a friend in the strangest of places. Selena...
Two men and a glass of whisky  by AkshatMishra176
Two men and a glass of whisky by Akshat Mishra
In a dimly lit bar at the edge of a small mining town, two strangers' paths intersect over a glass of whiskey. Peter, a young man grappling with life's uncertainties, en...
More Than Adequate by E2Medina
More Than Adequateby Edgar Medina
10 poems. Of the inside. 12/19/20
What is Life? by everytuesday
What is Life?by Woodland Berke
A nice self-reminder that I have a lot to live for and a lot to love.
To Observe The Regular by E2Medina
To Observe The Regularby Edgar Medina
10 poems about life death love and all that shit.
The Failing Of Things by E2Medina
The Failing Of Thingsby Edgar Medina
10 more poems. !!!
You Saved My Life by EstyRosenstien
You Saved My Lifeby Esty Rosenstien
He once again plunges the syringe into my stomach, and I recommence screaming at the top of my lungs. My body contorts and convulses in every which way. The sadistic sup...
The bustling life of the city is great but we some times forget the real things. The Profound Indifference is what I try to convey
Dear Time by lostinstarlight
Dear Timeby lostinstarlight
Dear Time, I guess this is my way of expressing myself to the world. No one knows my name, and I remain Anonymous. Honestly, I don't know why I'm even publishing this...
Feral Whispers by solace_isabella
Feral Whispersby Miss Isabella Solace
On the surface, 27-year old Vivienne Whitewood embodies the modern ideal of a refined and civilized fox. Poised, mature, and proper in every sense, she's carefully const...
Yoga, Meditation, and the Profound Love of God by iamseo28
Yoga, Meditation, and the
Yoga, Meditation, and the Profound Love of God: Exploring Spiritual Harmony at Welcome to, where we embark on a spiritual journey tha...
God Made Nothing by vicariouslife
God Made Nothingby McKinley
Too profound for the superficial minds. Things the weak can't read, only the strong and internally dying can feast upon these writings.
Bruh Moments -  A Collection by DRJones1425
Bruh Moments - A Collectionby Vishrut Upadhyay
Smol poems or thoughts that I came up with. Ramblings so to speak
Poetry from the inside of the universe   by yourvertical
Poetry from the inside of the Layla
Collection of my poetry. Universal order. No more clichés promised.