Humanity Is Doomed

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*Author's note: This poem has strong language

Today is a gift
Open your eyes
and embrace your existence
before tomorrow comes
And you realize
it's too damn late

Few people
get a second chance in life
We have to
make each
and every moment
count today

Let the air in your lungs
and the shoes on your feet
take you as far as you can go
Don't wait

Take the road
less traveled once in a while
connect with nature
Put the brakes on
Stop and smell the roses
Take your shoes off

But be careful
Those thorns will cut you
just as deep
as the sticks and stones
by all the keyboard warriors
on social media
Who are just pissed off
that you have a few more
fake friends than they do
So they play
their last tough guy card
And now you're blocked
You turn your phone off
and start another series
You're too tired to stay awake through
You drink a few beers
Eat a whole bag of chips
As you nod off
to the never ending drama
You've just subjected yourself to
to cause yourself some more trauma

All you have to do is wake up
unplug yourself from all the bullshit
Put your phone down
Turn the TV off
You're not going to die
Without a phone in your hand 24/7
We're only human
We weren't meant to live like this
We were meant to live our lives

Open your eyes
Go outside
once in a while
Breathe in the fresh air
Walk around in the grass
With your shoes off
Go for a walk
Let nature
Be the only entertainment
you need to sustain you

Society has become too damn dependant
On electronics
How did our ancestors even survive
We're killing ourselves slowly
We don't even have to wait for robotics
A.I. has already taken control of our minds and bodies

Let that sink in
As you grab your double mocha latte with extra whipped cream
While you're in the drive-through at Sonic
With your eyes glued to your phone
You're in the zone
Clicking that like button
Over and over
Trying to show everyone
you follow
You can multi task
With the best of 'em
Even though you're not at home

Take a selfie
Share a funny meme
Oh shit
Your phone's battery's running low
You're far from home
Now, what are you going to do
I can only laugh
as I sit here writing this rap
On my smartphone
Accusing everyone of the same shit
I myself do
Awww shit
Humanity is doomed

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