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Poetry: With a thousand words; and a million more reasons by Hot-stuff_Harbor21
Poetry: With a thousand words; and...by THarbor04
A collection of poems produced by yours truly. My aim is to inspire people in their daily lives, maybe even relate to a person or two along the way. I like writing to re...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Sitting Under a Torn Umbrella by bamondal
Sitting Under a Torn Umbrellaby Barquat Ali Mondal
Man is for man - this is an old slogan today. It has lost its uniqueness for the cause of self-centred mentality. Now we cannot hear the chorus songs of unity. Rather th...
Spilled Ink by sparrowed
Spilled Inkby Mia
A piece of soul in ink, and unto the paper it spilled. A collection of thoughts that rhyme from a wandering mind.
A Beastly Tail by Ladysausten
A Beastly Tailby Ladysausten
Guilty with an explanation? ***********************************************************(aka...stuff that happened long before la Belle met la Bête, & when they first met...
Shackled Sonnets: A Collection of Poems by Vien1529
Shackled Sonnets: A Collection of...by Aquin
A collection of sonnets about that which I shall never have. A girl I love, but she loves another. I have only recently been reading and writing poetry because of her, s...
dreamt thoughts by youronlyonee
dreamt thoughtsby the only one
this is just poetry. nothing more, nothing less enjoy bbys <3
Hypnotic by themosaic
Hypnoticby Lisa
There was something about her that Captivated him. Something that made him stay. Maybe it was the dip of her hips, Or the curl of her toes. The secrets in her smile, Tha...
Words to My Demons | Poetry ✔️ by when-they-write
Words to My Demons | Poetry ✔️by ~ quin
❝she was simple, an angel born without wings. yet she was special, an enchanting song her lost soul sings. ❞ A dark and deep poetry collection of every little thing that...
boyhood by achillics
boyhoodby eva
i gave a boy a lavender sprig and he returned me with a kiss. ©achillics
100 random rhyming poems by commonauthor
100 random rhyming poemsby Bunni💚💜
100 random rhyming poems is an ongoing book that I started writing as a teenager really struggling with their mental health, and have continued on with through to being...
Poems: Life is Life. by EmmSau96400
Poems: Life is Life.by StoryTeller Anonymous
Just little props (poems/songs) I've written to open the eyes. *I don't own any of the media work (art, etc)
Love Letters from Another World by inthewasteland
Love Letters from Another Worldby inthewasteland
Taking inspiration from my own experiences, fictional happenings, and difficult subjects seldom discussed on this platform. All with the hope to bring a breath of fresh...
centred with bliss by omar-gxd
centred with blissby Omar Hussain
to become a great poet, the audience need to be in awe i hope you enjoy this journey where your heart will experience a feeling of one's self: love, pain and pity to al...
Flute Notes by MusikerangMakata
Flute Notesby Ate Penoy
(notes and it's lyrics) The purpose of this book is to inspire, to teach and to provide letter notes to the begginers and to those who want to learn flute or any kinds o...
Park Bench Poetry by openadoor34
Park Bench Poetryby Karen
All poems were written by me and are not to be used in any way without my permission. Please add this book to your private library for update notifications. Thank you.
I will undress your soul by sweetytweety8
I will undress your soulby sweetytweety8
Jane reads a poem that touches her soul and decides to write the author. What will happen next?
Jaded Verses by MoniiStarlight
Jaded Versesby MoniiStarlight
This is a collection of spontaneous thoughts and ideas disguised as poetry. Whether they are amateur or great is up to you to decide. #1 in 'rhythm' (19/05/22) #1 in 've...
This is my first book that I ever wrote. It is a collection of poetries and quotes written by me. I really hope you'll like it. Kindly do not try to copy any of the poet...
Raindrops of Reality - [poetry] by claire_brdn_
Raindrops of Reality - [poetry]by Claire Bourdon
I'm fine. But what does it mean? A phrase said for years but usually meaning a lie. A settlement for how something could be? Or a false testimony for the way that I'm f...