•instagram1• by ItsAloo
•instagram1•by imagine...
•instagram• part one
  • jackgilinsky
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Myles (Completed) by writtenbytee
Myles (Completed)by The Writer
There's no such thing as the ONE. Or so they thought. After coming out of relationships Myles and Monet join match'd the dating app, "just for fun." Never di...
  • humour
  • generalfiction
  • blackcouple
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Tamed (Completed) ✅ by ColletteKozuchLepley
Tamed (Completed) ✅by Cole Lepley
Oliver Monroe leads a perfect life. Good job, great friends, and his pick of women. The only problem is the only girl that has ever stood out to him can't stand him...
  • drama
  • sadness
  • love
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The Bitch Is Back  by daesies_xxo
The Bitch Is Back by daesies_xxo
Luna Adams was bullied constantly by everyone at Westview high. In the end she couldn't take it and transferred at the end of sophomore year. Now, she's here for her sen...
  • rich
  • rivals
  • mean
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Strangers //Reader x Tom Holland\\ by C1220Smith
Strangers //Reader x Tom Holland\\by Caylee :) <3
You didn't know who he was until he found out who you were. This is a story about Y/N and Tom Holland. Y/N: Your Name, for those who didn't know :) Highest Rank: #9 in #...
  • spidey
  • peterparker
  • peter
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The Surfer by omgiitsmex3
The Surferby Sarina
As 17 year old Jamie moves from a small populated town in Ohio to the big beautiful state of Florida shes in for a big change. What happends when Jamie meets Eric, a sur...
  • school
  • heartwarming
  • teenager
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Capturing My Prince by sonysa
Capturing My Princeby S.G. SONYSA
Teaser: She looked up and found a boy getting up from the floor. He turned to her when he was on his feet. She glared at him and rubbed her elbow to get rid of the pain...
  • sonysa
  • marriage
  • romance
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•instagram2• by ItsAloo
•instagram2•by imagine...
•instagram•part two
  • lovemedia
  • dramatic
  • whydontwe
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The Sexy CEO [ ON HOLD ] by Lutresaint
The Sexy CEO [ ON HOLD ]by M I L L Y
Paygan is a quite and shy person. She's been abused by her father making her really hard to trust a boy except for her litle brother Aiden is the man of every girls drea...
  • powers
  • possessive
  • ceo
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Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader / AHS by xoxolustxoxo
Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader...by ☆ Ry ☆
COMPLETED (Set a year after the last episode of American Horror Story : Murder House ) " I'm (y/n) what's your name" you say with your hand out in front of h...
  • dramatic
  • tatelangdon
  • completed
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In a heartbeat? by MysteryShacko
In a heartbeat?by MysteryShacko
A fanfic based on the short but sweet animated film called, you quessed it, '' In a Heartbeat'' by Beth David & Esteban Bravo. Exploring a little bit more about their ow...
  • humor
  • dramatic
  • cute
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Secret Agent  (Jhope X reader) by suga_for_my_tae
Secret Agent (Jhope X reader)by Mrs Park 🍓
You're Namjoon's younger sister and have recently returned to Korea after 6 years in England. The last time you saw the band was when you were 13 before they debuted. It...
  • hoseok
  • taehyung
  • rapmonster
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Her protecter•diza by trashy_liya
Her protecter•dizaby Your mother
Liza's dads is in the mafia so she's been homeschooled to stay out of harms way one day when something bad happens at her home .her dad puts her in the hands of one of...
  • lizakoshy
  • protecter
  • diza
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Jughead X Reader by an-owl-child
Jughead X Readerby an-owl-child
I'm a new writer, I'm not sure how long this story will be but let me know if you like it. It will be mostly fluff and maybe some drama. Stay tuned, I plan to update fre...
  • jj
  • serpent
  • girl
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Stalked By The Mafia Boss by arcadiamacyloo
Stalked By The Mafia Bossby arcadiamay
Dreco Blake is a 26 year old multibillionare . He's a arrogant,ruthless playboy , women drop their panties for him. One night stands were his cup of tea until he laid hi...
  • mafia
  • billionaire
  • dramatic
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~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male Rivals ~       ♡Completed♡ by Rxihne_Cxxkie
~ Taro(Yandere) X Ayano X Male Riv...by
Ayano had a Crush on a Student name "Taro Yamada".On Friday,She went to Confess him at the Cherry Blossom Tree..Taro Rejected her love and she became heartbrok...
  • ayanoxmalerivals
  • lovesick
  • ayanoxoko
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Can LOVE Sparkle? by randomhead
Can LOVE Sparkle?by Thena Raya
When Radhika Mishra's emotional kick to avenge her parents demanded her make Arjun Mehra fall in love with her and then leave him heart broken, she was surprised to lear...
  • radhika
  • suspense
  • entangled
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Empty Thoughts | silkmel by silkmel
Empty Thoughts | silkmelby m♔🤩
Asia has been with Dave long enough to know that he's a big player, a huge one. With Asia being pregnant with their first child, will he be loyal or step off the track t...
  • babymama
  • pregnant
  • thug
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Daddy Issues by MistVenus_
Daddy Issuesby salome.🌙
| Highest Achievement: Rank #53 in Poems (110318) | The first collxtion of my poems. The heart breaks that almost tear my mind every time I cry. Be this inspiration of...
  • interest
  • exes
  • boyslove
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Don't tell... by LoveAunaa
Don't tell...by LoveAunaa
He walked up towards me, backing me up against the wall. He pressed his body against mine and buried his face down my neck. He kissed my neck softly before he spoke. &qu...
  • desire
  • romance
  • drama
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