In the Beginning

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Whisper you love me
or shout it from the trees
It doesn't matter really
Just show me, make my heart
skip a beat

I want your love to surround me
I want to feel safe in your arms
No words, just show me
And keep me sheltered
from any harm

I want your love to take me places
That I've never ever seen
No luggage, no destination
Lost in paradise
just you and me

I want your love to guide me
Even when my eyes are tightly shut
Through the obstacles
and the chaos
Be my beacon of trust

I want your love to forever heal me
When I'm healthy or when I'm sick
Your love is the remedy
for what ails me
It can cure me with affection
And a soft tender kiss

I want your love to accept me
For who I am or grow to be
Through the good times
And the bad times
I want your love to set me free

I want your love to be unconditional
No ultimatums, no attached strings
I want you to stand in my corner
Valiently and fight like hell
for you and me

I want you to show me
that you love me unconditionally
by your actions not just your words
Do all the little things
to reassure me that my insecurities
are being heard

I want your love to always comfort me
Shield me from uncertainty
and any doubt
We'll weather the storm together
A warm smile will forever remind me
That that's what love is all about

I want your love to be kind to me
To be gentle and forgiving
I want to fall madly in love with you
Every day, passionately
Just like I did in the beginning

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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