Insatiable Eyes

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She has stars in her eyes
that could set fire to the sky
With the world at her feet
her beauty alone could bring
grown men to their knees

She is loving
She is kind
She's a remarkable woman
with lots of class
So refined

As the words leave her lips
she'll dazzle more than
your eyes
a soft tone
a sharp tongue
She'll undress
and impress you
with a devious smile

Her beauty is intoxicating
Her wit, humor and charm
off the chart
She'll win you over instantly
Grab your attention
Steal your heart

Her seductive skills
are dangerous
Her true beauty a crime
Her eyes beg to remind you
her inward beauty's disguised
And although alluring
outward beauty only fades
away in due time

Her passion is strong
for the things that she loves
Her imagination is
said to be vivacious and wild
She manifests her dreams
with positivity and hard work
The true secret behind
all her succeesses
Is drive

When she sets her sights
on something she wants
She's unstoppable
She won't be denied
She's passionately driven
To be at her best at all times
Stays motivated
She ignores haters
and only kicks them aside

She's an intelligent woman
with phenomenal talents
that jumps at a challenge

Her confidence
is beyond compare
and denial
She wears the crown
Takes the throne
Ruler of her own life
and her home

As she peers out at the world
she, herself has created
She smiles back with such
pride and amazement
For she knows
how far she had to climb
And what it took to light
that inextinguishable fire
inside those
insatiable eyes

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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