Under the Stars

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A romantic evening
Under the stars
It's peaceful
It's heavenly
Lying here in your arms

With nature surrounding us
My body filled with desire
I ache for your touch
Your love sets my soul on fire

Our hearts beat together
Intertwined and at ease
like a feather from an angel
dancing In a warm summer breeze

Your presence is soothing
My worries are far from my mind
Your whisper tickles my ear
as you remind me
That it's just you and I

Your love comforts me
It flows through me
My faith is restored and revived
I have not one doubt
How you feel about me
When I'm lost in your eyes

Our hearts waited patiently
Until all hope was almost lost
But our souls were matched in Heaven
Our paths were destined to cross

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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