Subliminal Denial

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Subliminal denial
turns a blind eye to the fire
that rages deep inside
locked tight
with no key
in your psyche
by the perpetrator
like an intruder
that's uninvited

Hell bent
Raging through the pain
Ravaging your intellect
like a beast
through a barren path
with no map
no guide
a spinning compass
on rough terrain

labeled in betrayal
A weapon drawn
to get you to submit
and conclude
an illusion
of self
As perceived
in denial
of truth
No man
can judge another
The brain
is a pleasure
seeking masterpiece
and caged
by the will of others
instead of what
lies inside
waiting to be
lit on fire
to devour
the coward's power

Let it out
Let it feast
With no reason
or rhyme
Let its sanctity shine
like diamonds
mined from the sky
Let it burn
Let it shake
Let it rattle your cage
Breathe in
your existence
Embrace it
Play the game

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