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Once In A Blue Moon by growingupinsane
Once In A Blue Moonby laiba
☾ featured ~ ❝Empty chest and misplaced heart, what can fix them if not love?❞ ☾ Started: January 15, 2021. Completed: May 27, 2021.
The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐲
A teen on the hunt to solve his older brother's murder may get more than he bargained for when he hits the streets for answers
Death Do We Part ( Varian x Reader Corpse Bride AU ) by DisneyReferenceQueen
Death Do We Part ( Varian x Reader...by TheLittleCoffeeGhost
A Corpse Bride AU where Varian is a Corpse Groom, and you, Y/n, are in the role of Victor. Both scientists, but death and life keep you apart. What will be the ultimate...
xo, minho | xo, kitty ff by thoughtsofher
xo, minho | xo, kitty ffby thoughtsofher
To everyone at KISS and the outside world, Minho was a flamboyant and free-spirited rich heir but no one knew his true persona. Until her... Adelaide Tan wasn't suppose...
The Rose and Her Thorns  by k-ashmir
The Rose and Her Thorns by k-ashmir
a collections of thoughts, feelings, emotions that have been put into words and that have been gnawing at my brain. check out my other poetry book 'among the wildflowe...
Poetic Justice  by Anonymous5500
Poetic Justice by Anonymous5500
"A fatal attraction is common And what we have common is pain"
Stains | Completed by StyggianAura
Stains | Completedby StyggianAura
❝the day you'll return, is when i'll write about rainy days and coffee stains.❞ *** Lowercase intended for stylistic purposes. A poetry book. Other information inside. C...
𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘦 ~ dnf by imperfectleigh
𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘦 ~ dnfby leigha!
His favorite color. The color dream wears almost everyday, because it was the only one George could see properly. George is gone. He went missing a year ago and has sin...
Short Poems by creativechaos0
Short Poemsby creativechaos0
A mix of mixed emotions in a poetical way.
For Nobara by naburi
For Nobaraby 𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐢
A devil child is born into one of the few impure descendants of the lost Kira bloodline. And for decades, these children of soiled heritage are seen as fragments of Koor...
A Homo Sapien's Veracity  by neptunereadss
A Homo Sapien's Veracity by neptune.
'A Homo Sapien's Veracity' is a collection of poems that I have been writing for a long time now. These poems are a journey through the intricate landscape of human emo...
GCSE Descriptive Writing  by bobstrawberry
GCSE Descriptive Writing by Martha Baileford
🚨 PIECES THAT GOT ME AN A*🚨 This is a compilation of descriptive pieces that I wrote during my GCSE course, including loads of great tips for creative writing. Maybe...
Poetry by Dipika (1st edition) by Dipika-writes-stuff
Poetry by Dipika (1st edition)by Dipika
FIRST EDITION: Adding some of my old and new poems here, as well as quotes. They're in different languages, but I will mention it beforehand in every poem. If you want t...
Dear Intruder | (Completed) by vineethereader
Dear Intruder | (Completed)by VINEE
Could you fall in love with someone you never met, saw or spoke to? Sounds unlikely? *** Ella is an overworked college student wh...
Rizz by callmecxl
Rizzby Aluna
i found these from tiktok 👍
Castles of Roses by SamMariLu
Castles of Rosesby 𝐒𝐀𝐌
"There are other sorts of speaking that I tend to seek, Since all the feelings are entrapped inside my heart: I rip this bleak chest open and its blood begins to le...
Whisper in the Night, Candle in the Day by girlofmanythoughts
Whisper in the Night, Candle in th...by 🌹✨Cassidy ✨ 🌹
Poetry, to me, is the release of pent up emotions, bottled up feelings, unspoken words and unvoiced thoughts on paper. Poetry is art. This is a collection of slightly un...
ode to the darkness by theacardigan
ode to the darknessby theacardigan
"and so, in the darkest hour, when the light is but a fleeting memory, the soul cries out in a solitary, yet deafening, voice, an anthem of hurt, an ode to the dark...
Sexualyyy by izzybear321
Sexualyyyby izzybear321
"Don't touch that, It may not be a candy wrapper." None of these pictures are mine. I bet reading this will make you hungry ;)