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neverland dreaming by caIebjames
neverland dreamingby Caleb James
trust that an ending is followed by a beginning 💭
  • poetic
  • denial
  • enigma
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golden boys. by wildestyouth
golden boys.by /.
❝oh, but they're the golden boys, darling. they can't go wrong.❞ 01012018 ( © wildestyouth )
  • humor
  • richkids
  • toxic
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Reasons Why You Should Forget Me ✔️ by peneloperaywrites
Reasons Why You Should Forget Me ✔️by Penelope A. Ray
I left you. So stop trying to bring me back. Stop trying to tell me to come home. But you're so stubborn, So here are some reasons why you should Loathe me, Despise me, ...
  • romance
  • heartbreak
  • love
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you can't have everything. 》jjk by aarmiy
you can't have everything. 》jjkby °\( >■<)/°
"y- you- you speak korean?" "don't act like you were worrying about my linguistic capabilities, i know you're just shy." she's foreign and wears a he...
  • angst
  • bts
  • hijabi
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Silent Love G.D. by elixirgrant
Silent Love G.D.by ✨A✨
The rekindling of a love between a broken boy and a girl who could not hear.
  • heartbreak
  • poetic
  • fanfic
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The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby W H I T N E Y
Unlike most of his peers, starting his senior year of high school is dreadful for seventeen-year-old Nico Brown. It's only been a few short months since the tragic unsol...
  • mystery
  • sadness
  • black-american
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t r u c e by jiminstale
t r u c eby -`aria
"i hope i'm not my only friend." by twenty one pilots 12/22/18 #16 in poem 12/28/18 #2 in poem
  • anxiety
  • real
  • love
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Love and other things that hurt by inspire_write
Love and other things that hurtby inspire_write
Hope you enjoy ! ( All poems are mine )
  • sadpoems
  • poetic
  • heartbreak
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The Pessimist. [Fruitbasket x Reader] by ToskaIka
The Pessimist. [Fruitbasket x Read...by —이카
"HEY! Why the fuck do you always act like your invisible? Do you have a social conflict or what?!" "No,actually...Society has a problem with me." ...
  • fanfiction
  • fb
  • readerinteraction
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Monster by AMLKoski
Monsterby Anna Koski
Another martyr? No, a monster. ~~~ Males have tormented the females for too long. History has been steeped in despair and females have paid the price. A reckoning is com...
  • fighting
  • wattys2018
  • girlxgirl
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deep ass thoughts by jiminstale
deep ass thoughtsby -`aria
title says it all #1 in random thoughts 11/18/18 #4 in poems 12/16/18
  • angst
  • randomthoughts
  • poetic
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Ups & Downs.  by softx_cactus
Ups & Downs. by Ilhem .
❝ If you can't talk about it, write about it ❞ • Few words from the heart, deep thoughts. You'll relate so much to the next content and I hope you'll get inspired. • Hi...
  • poetic
  • feminist
  • relatable
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rain| poetry  by nightravenxx
rain| poetry by °•´nikki`•°
some words can drown but some kept precipitating in the rain ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  • paroxsymal
  • anxiety
  • project
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p o e t r y by desp-erate
p o e t r yby rubes
A collection of poetry found under lovers nails or stained against your pillow case - highest ranking - #9 in poetry - All rights reserved - © Ruby Smith @desp-erate...
  • latenight
  • truths
  • lonely
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The Bad Boy's Singer (Sequel to TBBS)   by Harryshots
The Bad Boy's Singer (Sequel to TB...by C H A R M E R
This book is not a stand-alone, you have to read The Bad Boy's Sweetheart to read this. All Rights Reserved © TheCharmer The Bad Boy's Singer. --- Xavier Adams is a fail...
  • amazing
  • novel
  • boy
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Thoughts by jenniferdp1d
Thoughtsby Jnn
Random thoughts of a broken hearted girl. Pensamientos random de una chica con el corazón roto.
  • breaking
  • sad
  • poetry
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Here hides my insanity |EDITING by saumyaasaurabh
Here hides my insanity |EDITINGby Saumya Saurabh
i hid it well. but now it is for you to see as i lay bare with just one layer of p o e t r y. Do you dare to peel and look what lies beneath? Consists of poems writte...
  • poems
  • love
  • poem
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Quicksand | ✓ by igiveacrap
Quicksand | ✓by 🌱
❝If you are at the bottom, I won't mind sinking. ❞ Jules Carson, a depressed washed up jock, thought he had given up on the whole concept of life, love, and trust, after...
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • teenlove
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Intoxicated// Short poems by hsxngmci
Intoxicated// Short poemsby HiAtuS☂️
-Simply feelings dripping into letters - -For all the misfits . For all the broken - -All rights reserved -#91 after 7 days in the genre
  • love
  • rosepoetry
  • roseundiscovered
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Us by Maximuswrites
Usby i am not god, but i am someth...
We were bleeding on the inside more than we knew, and we only realized it when we were bleeding on the outside, too.
  • love
  • poems
  • poetic
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