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A TONE OF VOICE by flowerbreath
there's bravery in being soft
We All Carry Ghosts by Breedawnwriter
We All Carry Ghostsby Bree Dawn
This collection is a gathering of poetry and short prose pieces that explores grief, loss, growing up, and learning how to let go of things that once were, but are no lo...
The Road to Paradise by Ravenshuliet
The Road to Paradiseby Jaqueline Hernandez
This book has a bunch of poems that have bits and pieces of my life in them. I write whatever comes to mind, and it usually makes sense. But everything has a hidden mean...
letters to no one ➳ [poetry] by bruisedmelodies
letters to no one ➳ [poetry]by 🌺
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ]
S O W E D |poetry| by WriterBells
S O W E D |poetry|by WriterBells
S O W E D: Words planted to grow into love. Highest Rank - #1 in POETRY The bravest thing I've ever done was not forgetting how to love myself when everyone else did
The Slow Art of Breathing Bitter by seven_hues
The Slow Art of Breathing Bitterby Sreeja Naskar
slow dancing love and pain in the midnight chorus of liquor-washed autumn green ... || a constellation of destructive poetry ||
Day and Night (Poetry) by TylaStone
Day and Night (Poetry)by Tyla Stone
" I know you are brave because you faced your worst nightmare and called it just a bad dream. " Warning: common symptoms from reading this book include joy, sa...
words by Trxnny_Cxnt
wordsby Finn Palmer
Fuck. My. Fucked. Up. Life.
My Heart, My Sanctuary by Aravis-Brightspell
My Heart, My Sanctuaryby Aravis Brightspell
Deep within the recesses of one's heart is a sanctuary, a special place where one can dwell without fear or despair. A collection of poems that speak from the heart, eac...
Pen and Paper: Poetry & Prose (2020) by BlytheDelicana
Pen and Paper: Poetry & Prose ( Blythe Tries to Write
Words are bullets. Readers are targets. Come all, the loud and the silent! Dive into this merriment. Hi there! This is my collection of poetry & prose divided into three...
Best Friends Into Lovers? Or Not!(COMPLETED) by dazed_deb
Best Friends Into Lovers? Or Not!( Deborah
What happens when your best friend turns into your lover? But then after one fight that lover becomes nothing to you? And you lose your best friend and your lover! Josh...
Unconditional by SeleneAmaris
Unconditionalby Selene Amaris
for the hopeless romantics🌹 #1 poet (03/27/2023) #1 thoughtsandfeelings (03/21/2023) #1 freeverse (03/10/2023) #1 romance poem (04/09/2022) #1 creative writing (04/06/2...
Under the Stars by theflowerstories
Under the Starsby Moon Ice Dream
**I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 13** Caleb is the typical guy that every girl wants. He's hot and charming, and he knows that very well. What makes him even more popular is th...
From the Silent Girl by 22fantasies
From the Silent Girlby E. Hurd
This is a collection of poems about relationships, observations, and emotions from the eyes of someone who ends up watching life rather than living it.
Opus by Orizielle
Opusby .
a lonely Saturday conversation on the wrong side of the yellow bedroom curtains. ... || Wattys Winner 2018 ||
Unsent Letters by disastrophe
Unsent Lettersby Asterism
A tear that couldn't drop from the eyes, A sound of a beating heart that couldn't speak. It was the messages that never reached anyone's heart, nor entered someone's mi...
Sexualyyy by izzybear321
Sexualyyyby izzybear321
"Don't touch that, It may not be a candy wrapper." None of these pictures are mine. I bet reading this will make you hungry ;)
Initial Conditions by poetinabox
Initial Conditionsby poetinabox
An annotated collection of emotions expressed through poetry, written to the universe, because their words I cannot speak. Enjoy. Copyright Poet In A Box 2019-2022, All...
none of the things i've said  by echost007
none of the things i've said by echost007
A collection of poems from a teenager battling social anxiety, depression, and teenage angst while navigating love on the road to self discovery and maturing. It's simpl...