Pieces Of Us

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I lie awake sometimes and reminisce about old times and it makes me miss the ones who have helped illustrate the colorful pages in the story of my life. 

Some have brought me joy and others only heartbreak and pain. But, I haven't one regret, they each had their parts to play. 

I am grateful for the way they touched me, each in their own way. Their love, their trust and guidance helped shape who I am today. 

Yes, even the ones that hurt me or shattered my heart to pieces, have their places, a few pages and I won't erase them. I embrace them. The lessons that they gave me have forever changed me. 

Without them, I couldn't have made it.
They taught me that in life, some will smile and then betray us. You can't walk until you crawl or get back up if you never fall. Some memories aren't the fondest, but they did their part and left their mark on us. 

What we do in life is our call. We either lead or we follow. No excuses, no regrets, just live our life and be our best. 

That's what our loved ones would have wanted, after all; to live on in our memories and forever in our hearts. It's such a beautiful reminder that they are never truly gone, that there are still pieces of them inside of us, guiding us, to find out who we really are. 

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