Rebel Gaze

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Intimate moments of bliss
Recharge, unwind
Let me take you on a ride
From inside
We begin with
A nose dive
Back in time

What makes a clock like you tick
Is it emotional turmoil
Every time
That you try
To sink your teeth
Into those bitter memories
That haunt your delicate psyche

Nobody else knows what
You've ridden through to get here
And what you have hidden within
Underneath that grin
That you so eloquently hide
Behind eyes that cry through the night

It gets hard to deal sometimes
On the constant rollercoaster ride
We call life
no seatbelts to hold us tight
At the mercy
Of what's wrong or right

It's an individual experience
It's not meant to be taken literally
Through the eyes of a stranger
What you feel inside
I cannot relate
And don't wanna try

I've got my own problems
And no time
To let you step inside
My mind
It's already full of imagination
A loaded weapon
only triggered by lies

Loathing the intrusion
From the self proclaimed muses
With their selfish influences
That try to shake me and break me down
Into the cookie cutter mold
Everyone else seems delighted with
One size fits all
That's what they want you to think

That's just not me
I wanna be left alone
On my own
To ride the waves
Shackles off
Map in hand
On my way
To the day
I can look in the mirror
With that infamous rebel gaze
Hold both middle fingers up real high
Laugh and just wave

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