A Field Full of Roses

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I'd rather be a daisy in a field full of roses. I'd rather walk my own path, down a road few have chosen.

I'd rather be the moon and shine brightly on my own then to be in a galaxy full of emptiness where no light has ever shone.

I'd rather be a penny that's thrown into a fountain then to be a million dollars only shown off to my accountant.

I'd rather be a medicine that would heal you up real quick. I'd give it away charitably to anyone that's sick.

I'd rather admit I'm wrong and not hurt others to prove I'm right. I'd rather say I'm sorry often, choose forgiveness and just be kind.

I'd rather take the road less traveled than follow the beaten path. Nothing new would be discovered if everyone just did that.

I'd rather share a rowboat with a true friend any day, then go sailing on a yacht with an entourage who only like me because they know how much I make.

Money can buy you everything but happiness and time. You can buy a gold watch and wind it back, but not another minute will it buy.

In a world full of ugliness filled with chaos, hate and rage. I'd rather shine a light on love and peace and beg our world to change.

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©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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