Slippery Ride

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I won't bend over
for no one
I'll blaze this trail
By myself
No spot lights
No tour guides
Keeping my eyes
on the prize
I'll be riding
solo tonight

I never follow
I lead
Broken ladder
no net
Won't let anything
stop me

Where there's a will
There's a way
No excuses
It's a game
I came
well prepared to play

If you can dream it
You can achieve it
in your own reflection

The only thing
in my own way
is fear
of my own mortality
peel the layers back
take a whiff
It's time to face
more than reality

I'll admit
Deep inside
I'm a little more
than terrified
But I must confide
I'm alright
I'll push doubts
comfortably aside
as I climb
to the top
of this slippery ride
we call life

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2023

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