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You know that place where you keep all your pain, that place deep inside you, where all your bad memories are caged.

That place, you keep locked away, with what you're too afraid to face. It lives there, you let it, it's the game you learned to play.

You accept it, you nurture it, with the things that you say. You've made yourself a prisoner, telling yourself, "there's no other way."

You're quiet, you're lonely but you wish that somebody knew. Instead, you keep it all a secret. You don't let others intrude.

But, no matter how hard, you keep pushing through, telling yourself, "I'm alright. There isn't anything anyone can do."

So, you continue to lie to yourself, pretending you're in control. You smile and you laugh and tell yourself, "yeah, put on a show."

You've let it control you and it's consumed your best years, while it continued to smother you and kept you frozen with fear.

It's nothing without the power that you give it. It only grew stronger when you continued to relive it and relive it.

It's time to let go of the things you can't change, accept what it taught you and let go of the pain.

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2021

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