End Of Time

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I miss you more
than you'll ever know
You took with you
my heart
my soul

Your smile
Your laugh
Still echos
Through my mind
It helps numb
the emptiness
I feel inside

Still a brutal reminder
I've lost you
you're gone
I try my best
to carry on

A distant memory
Your presence
But I beg my heart
to hold on
To be brave
to heal

Your absence leaves
a deafening silence
Of a broken spirit
That's slowly dying

Cherished memories
Still tucked inside
A loving reminder
you left pieces of you

Everywhere I look
There's pain
It taunts me
reminds me of you
And seems
to haunt me

My heart
will never beat
quite the same
I can't breathe
I am lost
As my soul
calls out your name

I hear your voice
In the wind
The rain
Your precious memory
Lives on
A love
like ours
never fades away

It calls out
from the depths
Of your soul
Unto mine
Come find me
we'll spend
eternity together
Or 'til the end
of all time

All Rights Reserved
©️ Bobbie J Lowrey 2022

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